Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ray Eberle Plays Glenn Miller (1959)

Today I present to you an album that I mostly bought for the album cover. I love covers that are just so typically 1950s or 1960s. When I look at this cover, I want to be at that little dance party in someone's home. I remember when people would get together to listen to the latest records and have an impromptu dance party. How I miss that - sigh. No one seems to dance at house parties anymore. Why is that? That's part of what made a party fun! Today it seems that people just stand around holding their drinks and making small talk - BORING! I think we should go back to having dance parties again. So, if anyone out there has dance parties, please add me to your invite list!

Okay, about the actual album... Ray Eberle was a featured vocalist in the Glenn Miller Orchestra who later became a member of the group, The Modernaires. This particular album is on the Golden Tone label. Golden Tone was used primarily as a reissue label for previously released material on the Tops label, usually in abridged form by deleting some songs. Golden Tone was a budget label in every sense of that word - everything seemed to be recycled, including the vinyl, the cover photos, and even the record jackets. Despite the low quality of this record label, this record still plays okay. The songs are familiar Glenn Miller hits, Ray Eberle was a good vocalist, and I just love the cover! If you notice on the cover photo, the wall displays a bunch of record albums. Well, they're all from the Golden Tone label. As it turns out, I have several records from this label, including one which is displayed on the wall of this album cover. Anyway, enough with the trivia. If anyone out there has other Golden Tone records, I sure would love it if you post them!

Track listing for Ray Eberle Plays Glenn Miller:

Side 1:
1. In the Mood
2. Skylark
3. Little Brown Jug
4. Blue Champagne

Side 2:
1. Tuxedo Junction
2. Deep Purple
3. A String of Pearls
4. Sunrise Serenade


Sr. Mexicant said...

I Love Ray Eberle, he had a great voice, thanks for the album!!

Siiii Senoooorrr!!!!

Esther said...

Thanks, Sr. Mexicant! He only sings on three of the songs on this record, but I understand that it's his orchestra that plays. I read on a couple of sites that he formed his own orchestra after he left Glenn Miller. If I find another Ray Eberle record, I'll be sure to post it for you!

Shalanna said...

This looks like such a cool album and I know it is NOT on CD, so as soon as my download limit recovers I shall get it. (GRIN) I would love to have a dance party and invite you! Problem is that my husband and most of our guy friends are computer nerds and don't/won't dance. I miss my old high school boys who LIVED to DANCE (they were completely conceited and disco bunnies, but fun). Are you near the HPB in Richardson? They've marked up all the records there, though. You can email me at shalanna dot collins at gmail dot com and we could go garage saleing for records *GRIN* People still don't know what they have!