Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Les Paul and Mary Ford - Lovers' Luau (1959)

Today I have another album of Hawaiian music, this time by that guitar-playing husband and wife team of Les Paul and Mary Ford. If you're used to their songs like "How High the Moon" and "Bye, Bye Love", you'll find that they play the songs on this album at a much slower pace. You can even imagine yourself on one of the Hawaiian islands, just lying in a hammock, enjoying the breeze and sipping a cool drink out of a coconut. Sigh. I'll go back to my day-dreaming now...

Track listing for Les Paul and Mary Ford - Lovers' Luau:

Side 1:
1. Blue Hawaii
2. Drifting and Dreaming
3. King's Serenade
4. Song of the Islands
5. Sweet Leilani (has a skip)
6. To You Sweetheart, Aloha

Side 2:
1. On the Beach at Waikiki
2. Golden Sands
3. My Little Grass Shack
4. Hawaiian Charms (has a couple of skips)
5. Pacific Breeze
6. Farewell to Thee (Aloha Oe)


Traitor Vic said...

I'm right there with you on the Hawaiian thing. I've been collecting it for years and love every note of it. Some of my favorite, too, is stuff like this - White Americans playing Hapa Haole Hawaiian Tunes. I've never heard this one, though.

Thanks, or... Mahalo!

mel said...

You've got a great blog with some absolutely wonderful shares here. The only problem is, that for us non-Americans, we can't download with your host megaupload.

Best wishes - Mel.

julioxo said...

Aloha! Esther

xulio said...

Great Album....Thanks Esther

Anonymous said...

I've never heard this Les Paul + Mary Ford! I love Les Paul for his tricky sounds he came up with - must be hours of hours fiddling around in the studio to record this very unique sounds...

JeansMusicBlog said...

Esther, I did take this already one month ago. Listened to it several times.
How nice this is compared to the hit CD's !
The 'crackles' give this an extra dimension !
Thanks madam !

Esther said...

Thanks to you all for your great comments!

Rich said...

Ooh, I'm happy to find this one! I have the album but, as I recall, it was too beat up for me to rip. :-p

Greg said...

I had the fortunate opportunity to celebrate our 20th anniversary on Maui on 11/4/08 (last year) and brought along these mp3's it was wonderful! Listening in the evening along with the crashing waves. Thanks for sharing!