Monday, May 21, 2007

Martin Denny - Romantica (1961)

Well, yesterday, my friend, Bradley, and I made a much needed trip to Half-Price Books to look for vinyl treasures. I came away with thirteen albums, and one was a double-album, so I got fourteen records in all! And all from the dollar bin! Plus I had a 15% off coupon - what a deal!

One of the albums I got is today's share. This album presents "the lush and exotic sounds of Martin Denny" - and lush and exotic they are! There are some great standards, as well as some Denny originals, on this record, and they are all lushly romantic. As I listened to this record, I could imagine myself being whisked away to a beautiful island paradise (Hawaii, of course - where I hope to live some day) - sigh! I never get tired of listening to Martin Denny. He is indeed one of the true masters of exotica!

Now, remember - as always, I clean up these recordings the best that I can, but due to the age and the way they were stored by their previous owners, a lot of them aren't in pristine condition. But, that just adds character to them, in my opinion! Anyway, I hope you like this one!

Track listing for Martin Denny - Romantica:

Side 1:
1. And This is My Beloved
2. Love at Sight
3. Romance
4. Aloha, I Love You
5. La Pampa y La Puna
6. My Reverie

Side 2:
1. Love, Your Magic Spell is Everywhere
2. Magic is the Moonlight
3. A Fine Romance
4. Blue Paradise
5. My Romance
6. Tenderly


Licorice Pizza said...

Now here is one I have not heard. I also saw another denny last week I had not heard of at my local shop but they wanted a lot more than a dollar. It is still there until I get my allowance for the week. Cheers and thanks for the great posts of late. LP

Esther said...

Hi, LP!

Glad you like this one, and I hope you're able to buy the Denny album at your local shop!

Thanks for visiting, and for the kind words!

Ernie said...

Hey LP-Tell us which Martin Denny you need. I hate the thought of anyone having to spend more than a dollar for crusty old vinyl. I've got a fairly deep Denny archive here. Not bottomless, but deep. :)

vo5vo said...

Just Download my favorite Martin.
Very nice.
Just one hour ago I was telling my friend Jack I want to go to Hawaii and see if I could live there.
I would have to take all my stuff of course.

xulio said...

Thanks for the music

caseypd63 said...

Hi Esther, I just discovered your blog and can't thank you enough for sharing these gems.

FromParisWithLove said...

Hi Esther,

A very nice album against the urban stress, here.

I've discovered Martin Denny in your blog and, I'll go to listen this treasure of easy listening in my bath, drinking any exotic cocktail...
The sound is too much low, maybe ?

Thank's for all.

Esther said...

Hey, all!

Thanks to all of you for your nice comments and for visiting!

Rich said...

Hi Ester!
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed that album so much that I got my own copy and restored it by removing the clicks and pops via my computer. So stop by and have a listen sometime and tell me what you think. When it comes to music, you and I are on the same track. I really love everything that you have posted. Keep up the good work! You can check the album at via Internet Explorer. I can't find my site through Google yet because I'm still waiting for them to process my URL. Also check out the other albums I have posted.

Esther said...

Hi, Rich!

Glad you liked it - and that you found a copy on vinyl for your very own! I've also added your blog to my links list! And thanks for mentioning Stax o' Wax on your blog!

Jorge said...

Thank you for that dreaming