Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Hawaiian Islanders - Hawaii Tattoo and Other Hawaiian Favorites (1964)

Rain, rain, rain - it seems that's all we've seen in Dallas lately. To help relieve some of those rainy day blues, I decided to listen to one of my Hawaiian music albums. It always helps me feel better when I dream about living in Hawaii someday. (BTW, I'd love to hear from folks that live in the beautiful island paradise of Hawaii!)

This album has some different songs from most of my other Hawaiian music albums. Here are the liner notes:
Each song in this album is Hawaiian music as you like it... Authentic island style using the traditional combination of the ukulele, the steel guitar and native percussion. And for an extra The Hawaiian Islanders perform the hit song HAWAII TATTOO.
Track listing for Hawaiian Islanders - Hawaii Tattoo:

Side 1:
1. Hawaii Tattoo
2. Wild
3. Hawaiian Promenade
4. Hawaiian Paradise
5. Lost Love

Side 2:
1. Aloha
2. Maoris Farewell
3. White Sands and Coconuts
4. Dark Dawn
5. Beautiful Girls and Sunshine


homepiss said...

please repost I have this record would love to have it digital

homepiss said...

opps just got it thamks for all the great stuff!

UHF said...

Thanks lovin this album

Esther said...

Glad you all like it!

Jorge said...

Great pleasure

rick said...

Any chance of reposting The Hawaiian Islanders - Hawaii Tattoo and Other Hawaiian Favorites (1964) ?
Love your site, Rick.

Esther said...

Hi, Rick,

Thanks for visiting!

Almost all my links were deleted last week and I don't plan to re-up any of them at this time (too many!). But I did re-up this one for you!


rick said...

Thank you so much for the reposting of The Hawaiian Islanders. It is really appreciated and I feel a bit privileged. All the best, Rick.