Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Back!

Hey, everyone! I'm back from my absence. I just was overwhelmed with stuff (work, community volunteer activities, elderly cats dying, adopting new kitties - you know, life in general), so I took a break from recording albums and posting them. But, I'm back with renewed vigor, so be sure to check back for my next new post on Sunday, December 2. In the meantime, I've checked all my old links and all are up (had to re-up a few). Since Christmas is just around the corner, be sure to check my Christmas albums posts from November and December 2006. I'll be posting additional Christmas albums in the next couple of weeks. Oh, and thanks to everyone who kept visiting this blog while I was away and to those of you who posted comments.

As I mentioned above, I have started a new family. Shortly before my Sabrina and Mr.Spock passed away, an adorable little tortoiseshell kitten showed up on my doorstep. I ended up keeping her and named her Snickerdoodle. Then in September, I went to the city shelter and adopted a rambunctious brown tabby kitten and named him Starbuck (I have a thing about names beginning with 'S'). Both kittens will be 7 months old on December 1 and they are full of energy! Being the proud mama that I am, I have to share their pictures with you.




mel said...

Hi Esther,

I've been wondering where you disappeared to. I'm glad you're back and I'm sure you will get much joy from your new family.

We had a tortoiseshell who lived for 17 years. She was an adorable cat - loved people but didn't like other cats!

Look forward to your new posts.

All the best.

magic said...


Great to see you back online.

Very pleased to see you have two beautiful new moggies !

Best wishes to all three of you from the UK.

vo5vo said...

I am so releaved to see you are Ok enough for the blog.
I wish you the very best for the Holidays.
LOL Vince
P.S. Nice selection.

jimmark66 said...

Too cute for words..I am glad to see you have new additions to your family.

Jason Elias said...

Nice blog, love the choices. Cute, cute cats!

Frederick said...

Hey Stax of Wax girl
I know this is belated, but your stories about your kittens and cats touched my heart. You are truly a wonderful girl. And I LOVE your blog. Stay sweet, sweetie!!

-Freddy in NYC

PS i adopted a foster kitten recently too!!
You should join forums =)

(I'm wonderduck there)