Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mame OST (1974)

When I was growing up, we first got cable TV in my hometown in the mid-1970s. At that time, it was called Casa Cinema and consisted of two channels, one of which was a movie channel and the other was a Spanish channel (I think). I loved the movie channel because they showed movies in their entirety without commercials, including R-rated movies (which was a big deal for a 12 or 13-year-old) - movies that they just didn't show on the late movie on the three networks. Being a major movie buff, I watched as many as I could even though there weren't many choices. I think they showed maybe four movies a month and they were repeated all month long. But those were simpler times and we were all happy to have that cable movie channel. Well, one of the first movies I saw on Casa Cinema was "Mame" from 1974 starring Lucille Ball. I don't remember this showing at the movie theatre at all, and I think I would've gone to see it because it was a musical and I loved musicals. Well, I loved it. In fact, I think I saw it every time it was shown on Casa Cinema that month. Even though she couldn't really sing, Lucille Ball was always one of my favorites so I didn't care. I do have to laugh a little today as I remember how every close-up of Lucy was with a filter to "soften" the aging star. Anyway, I bought the soundtrack as a cut-out when I came across it a few years after seeing the movie. I still think it's a fun movie, even if the critics hated it, and the musical did spawn a couple of favorite songs that have been recorded by several people. I think you'll know which songs I mean when you listen to the album!

Track listing for Mame OST:

Side 1:
1. Main Title... including 'St. Bridget' - Jane Connell
2. It's Today - Lucille Ball and Chorus
3. Open a New Window - Lucille Ball and Kirby Furlong
4. The Man in the Moon - Beatrice Arthur and Chorus
5. My Best Girl -Lucille Ball and Kirby Furlong
6. We Need a Little Christmas - Lucille Ball and Cast
7. Mame - Robert Preston and Chorus

Side 2:
1. Loving You - Robert Preston
2. The Letter - Kirby Furlong and Bruce Davison
3. Bosom Buddies - Lucille Ball and Beatrice Arthur
4. Gooch's Song - Jane Connell
5. If He Walked Into My Life - Lucille Ball
6. Finale - Lucille Ball and Chorus

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Lacey said...

It is amazing that we considered ourselves to be so lucky, with so little.

Three channels and two cable channels, and yet you had a wonderful childhood. Convince any child today that that is possible.

My father was in the Navy so we moved around a lot. Most of the time it was only three channels, but often there was an independent channel that would show 50s & 60s era shows and movies.

The first cable we got just showed stations from the big city to the north.

Do you remember channel 100?
Mid-70s it was one of the first pay channels to show "new" movies.
It sounds like the one you described as they only seem to have a few movies a month.