Thursday, April 08, 2010

Percy Faith - Mucho Gusto! (1961)

Yesterday (April 7) would have been Percy Faith's birthday. And today would have been my mother's birthday. So, because my mother loved Percy Faith so much (I don't think she knew his birthday was the day before hers), I decided to post this Percy Faith album to honor them both (but mostly for my mom). As I listen to this album, I am once again transported back to my childhood and memories of my mom listening to her records. This album also reminds me of the annual Charro Days, which are celebrated in my hometown of Brownsville, Texas, and the parades that I went to as a child. My mother was a school teacher and she often marched in the parades with her school (each school presents a dance to a traditional Mexican song, and the school bands would play, too). Those were good times, and I cherish the memories.

Track listing for Percy Faith - Mucho Gusto!:

Side 1:
1. Mucho Gusto
2. Besame Mucho
3. La Negra
4. Maria Elena
5. Huapango
6. Las Mananitas

Side 2:
1. Las Altenitas
2. Perfidia
3. Cielito Lindo
4. Adios Mariquita Linda
5. Cocula
6. La Chaparrita

Here's a picture of my mom marching in one of the Charro Days parades circa 1958 (before my time). So, now y'all have a face to put to my beloved mother that I often mention:


vilstef said...

A bit of a coincidence in action, I downloaded this the night before last when I was exploring some easy listening Latin sounds. Had not of Percy Faith's birthday. I like his sounds.

Brett said...

Esther...been wanting to thank you for some time...had to have my son sign in with his Google...anyway, you have some nice recordings here. Nice to see pic of your mom. You are lucky that she loved her records. My parents did not really have a record player. I did later on in my teen years. Thanks also for your podcast.
Keep up the good work.

vo5vo said...

Hey Esther,
You Mom looks so sweet!!
I appreciate seeing her very much.
Thank You.
I take it this was in Texas.
I 'll be listening to your latest podcast in a few minutes.
They like you are great.

Creamy Wibbibs said...

My mom had this LP, I know it like the back of my hand. Awesome!