Sunday, August 01, 2010

Jackie Gleason - Music for the Love Hours (1957)

Hey there! Been super busy with work so haven't posted as often as I'd like. And I had this one ready to post last month but didn't get a chance. So, as we start out my favorite month of the year - August - I offer you one of my Jackie Gleason albums. Always great for some "mood" music, Jackie Gleason albums don't disappoint. I find them so soothing after a hard day of work. They also provide great background music if I have to work from home on the computer. So, without further ado... enjoy!

Track listing for Jackie Gleason - Music for the Love Hours:

Side 1:
1. Darn That Dream
2. Poor Butterfly
3. Serenade In Blue
4. How Did She Look
5. Moonlight Becomes You
6. Just One More Chance
7. I Love You Much Too Much
8. Hold Me

Side 2:
1. Get Out of Town
2. Our Love
3. Just a Memory
4. If I Could Be With You
5. Ghost of a Chance
6. I've Got You Under My Skin
7. Lover Come Back To Me
8. The House is Haunted


prof. grewbeard said...

awesome! i've always dug "The House Is Haunted" so i'm anxious to hear this version!

Jack said...

Esther...what other Gleason do you have? I have this one on vinyl myself...think I have about 20 of his...probably rarest is "Captain Gleason's Garden Band" 45 EP...and the great "Lover's Portfolio" with the booklet on the type of cocktails and food to cook to seduce your woman (or man, if you are the female!).

Jack said...

I should have said what other Gleason besides the ones you have already posted. Silly me...getting old.

Elke said...

Hi Esther

Is there anyway to get a 'complete' listing of all the songs you've done on the spinorama podcast...? thanks...I'd write this at the podcast page, ordinarily, but I can't...

Doesn't matter...I'll write to you here...

And may I say I really enjoy the songs you've chosen to play...

Me? I'm a 60s fan...british groove, pop...

I also like bubblegum...I guess that's also pop ...

I like your DJ'ing style...

again thanks...

Esther said...

Hi, Elke!

Glad you like my podcast!

I don't have the "complete" list of songs all in one place except on the Spin-O-Rama Hour blog, but you would have to go through each episode post to get the lists. I started to keep a journal (not online) at the very beginning, but I'm not good at "journaling" so stopped that after about the seventh episode. I suppose you can go through each post and just cut-and-paste each playlist into a Word or text document. I may just do that, too, but it won't be anytime soon.

Thanks again for visiting and for listening! Please visit my Spin-O-Rama Hour page on Facebook (if you're on FB), and pass the word on to your friends!


anomia said...

Lovers' Portfolio or Oooo!

these are the ones I'd like to see!


Baron said...

Thanks ... continuing my Gleason education ... Baron