Sunday, March 20, 2011

Danny Thomas - An Evening with Danny Thomas (196?)

Here's an album in my "celebrity vocal" category that I've had for quite awhile but just got around to digitizing. I couldn't find the release year on this one and my celebrity vocals book just says "196?", so that's all I know. There was an earlier 10" version of this album released in 1954 on MGM, but this is a 12" later release on Columbia which was a promotion by Post Cereals. Danny Thomas sings the songs, music is by the Spencer-Hagen Orchestra featuring Walter Popp at the piano, and Danny's TV family (Marjorie Lord, Rusty Hamer, and Angela Cartwright) are all on hand. I never saw "Make Room for Daddy" (the name of the show the first three years) or "The Danny Thomas Show", so I'm not familiar with any of the characters, but I know that Marjorie was "Kathy", Rusty was "Russ", and Angela was "Linda". So, I'm wondering who is the "Terry" that speaks at the beginning of "Daddy's Little Girl" - is it Danny's real-life daughter, Terry? And if it is, then why didn't Marlo participate in this record? Gosh, I hope these questions don't make me lose sleep tonight (because I'm the kind of person that would). Hope you like it!

Track listing for An Evening with Danny Thomas:

Side 1:
1. Danny Thomas Theme and My Blue Heaven - has a skip in it
2. Linda's Wedding Day
3. It All Depends on You
4. Daddy's Little Girl
5. But Beautiful
6. When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along

Side 2:
1. Glory of Love
2. September Song
3. My Funny Valentine - has a skip in it
4. You Make Me Feel So Young
5. Violets for Your Furs
6. Scarlet Ribbons
7. Love In A Home


Erik said...

Hi Esther

Terry was the eldest daughter on the show until the late 1950s when the character was written out due to cast conflicts. Many thanks for your great blog.

KSOL1460 said...

"Terry" might have been Sherry Jackson. She played Terry on the show in '58. Wonderful actress.


Anonymous said...

Sherry Jackson played Terry, Danny's older daughter.
Really cool find, Thanks.

Esther said...

Hey, y'all!

Thanks for the info! And thanks for stopping by!


DJ Twisted Sister said...

Wow, I'm just connecting that Marlo Thomas is his daughter? Geez the things you don't know. I vaguely remember Marlo so Danny Thomas would have been someone my parents knew better than me.

What a cool blog...filling in so many gaps in my musical memory repertoire and giving me new inspiration!

gattusog said...

What a great find. I have a different Danny Thomas LP called Tomorrow Belongs to You from 1973.

Dan said...

Oi Esther,

Gostei muito deste blog, obrigado por compartilhar.
Aproveito para convidá-la ao meu: http://danjazzpoucodetudo.blogspot.


R. said...

Thanks for Danny Thomas. His great legacy was his devotion to raising millions of dollars for St. Judes Children Research Hospital in Memphis. His Daughter Marlo continues his work for this wonderful charity.

Anonymous said...

My favorite song on this album is - Linda's Wedding Day. Danny Thomas sang this song to Angela Cartwright who played Linda. He sings this to her in the episode titled - Linda's Tonsils - in the fifth season of Make Room For Daddy.

lindo0107 said...

Is there a link?

Esther said...

Hi, lindo0107,

Thanks for stopping by!

Unfortunately, about 99% of my music backups were deleted last week. At this time, I do not plan to re-up any of them as it would just take too much time. However, I did re-up Danny Thomas for you. :-)


lindo0107 said...

You're a very kind of person, Esther. Thanks a lot.