Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Partridge Family - A Partridge Family Christmas Card (1971)

Here's one of my absolute favorite Christmas albums! Yes, I'm sure it's out there multiple times in blogland, but I'm sharing my copy anyway!

I fell in love with David Cassidy when I first saw his picture in a magazine called "Who's Who in the Teen World", just a couple of months before "The Partridge Family" came on the air. I was just a little kid, but I was completely enamored of the show! Every Friday night, I would lock myself in my parents' bedroom with my little tape recorder (I'd tell my family to be sure not to bother me or make noise), watch the show on the 13-inch TV, and would record the song they sang each week. I wanted to make sure I had all the songs before the albums actually came out. I do remember the Christmas episode, and I've included a video clip from that episode where they sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (video clip deleted from YouTube).

Besides the fact that I'll love the Partridge Family forever (thank goodness I learned how to digitize my albums so I can listen in my car!), and have wonderful memories of watching the show, listening to their albums, reading about them in magazines, etc., I have great memories of listening to this album at Christmas. I especially remember one occasion when my Uncle Abel, Aunt Licha, and cousins Abel and Sammy, came to our house on Christmas Day. I put this album on my little portable record player (Realistic brand from Radio Shack), and my Uncle Abe danced around the tree with us kids to "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" . That's really what's it all about - just family (and friends) having a great time together and making great memories such as this.

So, I hope you all make some wonderful Christmas memories this year, and that you include this album in those memories!

Track listing for A Partridge Family Christmas Card (link has been deleted - go buy CD on Amazon):

Side 1:
1. My Christmas Card to You - the absolutely BEST song!
2. White Christmas
3. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
4. Blue Christmas
5. Jingle Bells
6. The Christmas Song

Side 2:
1. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
2. Winter Wonderland
3. Frosty the Snowman
4. Sleigh Ride
5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

The back cover of the album.

The Christmas card bonus "signed" by the cast:

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