Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sajid Khan - Sajid (1969)

Here's one you don't see too often! How many of you remember a television show in the late 1960s called "Maya"? It starred a teenage Jay North ("Dennis the Menace") and this teenage boy from India, Sajid Khan, and they rode around on this elephant named Maya. I barely remember it myself, but I do remember seeing pictures of Sajid on the cover of various teen magazines. Well, being that I especially like collecting celebrity vocal record albums, I searched and searched for this album until I finally got in on eBay last year! (Now, if I could only find the album Kurt Russell recorded around 1970...) The liner notes on this album were written by the editor of 16 Magazine, Gloria Stavers. (I'm very familiar with that name since I religiously bought that magazine for years!) So, you could say that it was the teen magazines that heavily promoted him as a "star", although he quickly disappeared after the show went off the air. Just last week, I was watching an episode of "The Big Valley" on the Encore Westerns channel, and Sajid was the guest star! I sometimes wondered what happened to Sajid, and it turns out that he returned to India and continued his acting career over there. If this brings back memories and you were a Sajid fan back in the day, you can check out his website and catch up on him!

(BTW, I'll be moving to my new house over the next couple of weeks, so I won't be posting anything until I get my computer and stuff all set up.)

Track listing for Sajid Khan - Sajid:

Side 1:
1. A Song Inside
2. Everything is You
3. Moon River
4. I Love How You Love Me
5. This Guy's in Love with You
6. Dream

Side 2:
1. Smile
2. A Closed Heart Gathers No Love
3. Someday
4. I Started a Joke
5. Ha Ram (Of Love and Peace)
6. Getting to Know You

I was trying to find a video of his appearance on "American Bandstand", but couldn't find one. I did, however, find this video on YouTube that someone put together to his song, "Ha Ram":


zillagord said...

Recently, a friend asked if I had the Nichelle Nichols album "Down To Earth": I am a collector of all things Trek, especially the vocal efforts of the crew of the Enterprise. I remembered getting a Leonard Nimoy here, and so I searched your site. I found a reference to Uhura's LP, but it looks like the album never got posted. Do you in fact have this album, and if you do, would you please post it? I would love to hear this.
Thanks for all the fine tunes!

Esther said...

Hi, Zillagord!

I, too, am a major Trek collector (been on 4 Trek cruises!)! I do not have the Nichelle Nichols album - it is one I am searching for. Someone had left me a comment that they would upload it and send me the link, but I don't think I ever heard back from them. If I should ever get it, I will definitely post it!
Thanks for visiting!

zillagord said...

I just got word from another friend that he will be getting "Down To Earth," along with another Uhura effort entitled "Out Of This World," soon (gotta love those album titles: ah, the juxtaposition!). I will provide you with links as soon as he puts them up. A little payback to you for all the great stuff I have found here at Stax o'Wax!
Thanks again!

doug said...

Has anyone heard of a record called, I believe, The Burbank Symphony. It is not a classical record, and it has a Civil war type photo on the cover. It has a lot of Contrabass sax work on it. Do you know if it is posted anywhere?

Janet Baker said...

Thanks so much for the memories of Sajid Khan. He was my first real crush back in the early 70's. I bought that album and had a huge poster of him on my wall. I also was a faithful reader of 16 magazine. Can't wait to see his new website. Keep me posted if anything new comes up on him. I did go to his Facebook link.