Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas (1968)

Here's a real treasure that I found at HPB - and I didn't get it from the bargain bin! I didn't even know about this album, so you can imagine my surprise when I found it and for so cheap ($3.98). Does anyone know if there's any other record that Frank and his kids recorded together? Well, I think it's just dandy that we get to hear Tina and Frank Jr. each sing a song on this. Nancy was already recording hit records, so she gets two solo songs on this album, plus a duet with Tina. But my favorites are the songs where Frank Sr. and the kids all sing together. I especially like their version of "The 12 Days of Christmas".

So, better hurry and download this one before it goes away!

Track listing for The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas:

Side 1:
1. I Wouldn't Trade Christmas - The Sinatra Family
2. It's Such A Lonely Time Of Year - Nancy Sinatra
3. Some Children See Him - Frank Sinatra Jr.
4. O Bambino (One Cold And Blessed Winter) - Tina and Nancy Sinatra
5. The Bells Of Christmas (Greensleeves) - The Sinatra Family

Side 2:
1. Whatever Happened To Christmas - Frank Sinatra
2. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Tina Sinatra
3. Kids - Nancy Sinatra
4. The Christmas Waltz - Frank Sinatra
5. The 12 Days Of Christmas - The Sinatra Family


vo5vo said...

This is why I love Esther and Her house of Stax-Wax.

Hamish said...

Thank you for such a wonderful share.
You have as always excellent taste.

Sila Lumenn said...

This is awesome! I adore Frank Sinatra and The Christmas Waltz is one of my favorite carols. A double win!

Esther said...

Hey, y'all!

So glad you like this one! I was very excited when I found the record at the store!

den81164 said...

frank recorded at least 2 other 45s with nancy, beyond their hit record "somethin' stupid". the titles are "feelin' kinda sunday" and "life's a trippy thing"....

Rom said...

This is great, thanks !

Mike Hobart said...

I remember this one. Along with some other favorites, I dubbed it onto a cassette tape that I played at Christmas for several years.

Timmy said...

I saw Frank Jr. perform live about 5 years ago in Agoura Hills, Calif, back in the hills behind Malibu, at The Canyon Club. One of the all-time best shows I had ever seen by ANYONE. He showcased his fathers' songs & Nancy, his sis, was in attendance at a table next to ours.