Sunday, February 21, 2010

Frank Sinatra - Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim (1967)

I have long been a fan of Frank Sinatra, thanks to my mother. He was her absolute favorite singer and she would get all giddy like a schoolgirl while listening to his records or if one of his movies was on TV. But this album is not one of hers. I bought it about 20 or so years ago and played it for her but she didn't really like it that much. To be honest, it had to grow on me, too. I love the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, especially the bossa nova tunes, but I guess I just wasn't used to Frank singing like this. I was lucky enough to see Ol' Blue Eyes in concert here in Dallas in the late 1980s (and the orchestra was conducted by Frank Jr.!), but I don't recall him singing any of these songs. But with time, I have come to really like this album. It's definitely worth a listen.

Track listing for Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim:

Side 1:
1. The Girl from Ipanema
2. Dindi
3. Change Partners
4. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
5. Meditation

Side 2:
1. If You Never Come to Me
2. How Insensitive
3. I Concentrate on You
4. Baubles, Bangles and Beads
5. Once I Loved

Here's a video clip of Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim:


bjbear71 said...

I'm amazed that this album had to grow on you. I bought it, not because I was a Sinatra fan, but because I was a Jobim fan. And a Claus Ogerman fan (he arranged/conducted the album). This is one of the most important albums those three artists recorded.

The follow-up to is, "Sinatra and Company", does not feature Ogerman but Deodato instead as the conductor/arranger of the bossa nova tunes (which are featured only on side 1).

wjm said...

This is my favorite Sinatra album after "Strangers in the Night." It's also one of the sexiest records I've ever heard, anywhere. Quite dreamy.

Jobim is a real treasure. I'm slowly gathering everything he ever recorded. :)

Anonymous said...

Great Sound,great disc.I live in Brazil and of course Tom jobim was one of our fantastic composers.And Sinatra needs no words...Congratulations and thanks to share with us such musical gems

Jeff Durham said...

Just listened to this! Absolutely sublime. Thanks for sharing it-- I'd never even heard of it before.

Bobb75 said...

One of my favorites, when I got my first little room in Paris. I listened this for hours on my k7 player, with others Sinatra and Jobim albums, and some good wine bought from my morocco grocer (a very good guy) after a big hard work days, with a stupid boss, but nice clients from all the parts of the world. Twenty years ago...

Nice memories, thanks a lot Esther !!! (Perdon my english)