Thursday, September 16, 2010

Julie London - Julie Is Her Name Volume Two (1958)

I was listening to this album the other day so I decided to go ahead and post it. I only have one or two more albums by Julie, and I'm sure I'll get around to posting those in time. Besides being a beautiful WWII pin-up girl, Julie was quite a talented singer and recorded around 40 albums. Her sultry voice is certainly pleasing to the ears and her albums make great mood music. Enjoy!

Track listing for Julie Is Her Name Volume Two (Link has been deleted. Go buy CD on Amazon.):

Side 1:
1. Blue Moon
2. What Is This Thing Called Love
3. How Long Has This Been Going On
4. Too Good to Be True
5. Spring Is Here
6. Goody Goody

Side 2:
1. The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)
2. If I'm Lucky
3. Hot Toddy
4. Little White Lies
5. I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan
6. I Got Lost in His Arms


NIKO said...

Thanx Esther,

Good job and beautiful blog. Long life at Stax o' Wax!

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Devlin Jamison said...

I am hopelessly in love with Julie London. I don't think any other singer has come close to being as beautiful as her--both her looks and her voice. Thanks for this--about half these tracks I haven't heard. I especially love the outtake at the beginning of Goody Goody; I've listened to it probably ten times already.

hans.klahr said...

Unfortunetly - the link is broken!

Brian said...

I have this one on Vinyl too. I love Julie's voice. And the album cover on this one is especially saucy as it shows how chilly it must have been in the photographer's studio.

doug said...

Do you have any more (older) Julie London that you dan post? Thanks.

Esther said...

Hi, Doug,

Julie's first album was in 1955 (link was deleted) and this was 1958, so it was still in her "early" years. I only have one other of her albums, from 1964, which I will post at a later date. I have a feeling that link will be deleted, too. I'm trying to be very careful now since the MU fiasco (which caused me to lose almost all my music backups).

Thanks for visiting!