Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Main St. Singers - Takin' the Shade

I couldn't resist buying this album the other day at the little resale shop down the street - and I love it! I think it was the groovy outfits that they're all wearing - so 1970s! And those aren't really tuxes - they're jumpsuits over the ruffly tuxedo shirts. I remember that my dance instructors would wear outfits like that at my ballroom dance competitions. Not very flattering. I've never heard of this group and I think it was probably a group that played local hotels (label says Sacramento) and cruises (it says they composed "Greek Odyssey" for a European cruise). It says on the back that they recorded this album "for all their fans and friends". Oh, another big reason I bought this is that all the singers and musicians autographed the album on the back! Hey, this may be worth big bucks! There is no release year on this, but by the stylish outfits, I'm guessing early to mid 1970s. For those of you who are dying to know who these people are, they are: Betty Speegle, Lynn Elder, Robert Speegle, Fernando Rio, Rick Elder, Ted Skorman, Rich Leppanen, Don "Mult" Jones, and Scott Wilcox. (I think I have a crush on the guy standing under the tree between the two girls - wonder whatever happened to him.) You've heard all these songs, except for the two written by one of the members of the group and unfortunately, several of the songs have some skips. So, if anyone out there is lucky enough to have a copy of this record and it doesn't skip, please do share! :-) BTW, if anyone has any information on any of these musicians, I would love an update!

Track listing for Takin' the Shade with the Main St. Singers:

Side 1:
1. You've Got a Friend - Solos by Rick Elder and Lynn Elder (has a skip or two)
2. Easy Come, Easy Go - Solo by Robert Speegle
3. Yours - Solo by Fernando Rio
4. Have You Met "Mult" Jones - Trombone solos by Don "Mult" Jones
5. Impossible Dream - Solo by Rick Elder

Side 2:
1. For the Good Times - Solo by Rick Elder (has several skips)
2. Super Star - Trombone solo by Don Jones
3. Mama Gets High - Solo by Robert Speegle (has a skip or two)
4. Greek Odyssey
5. Tradition
6. Sabbeth Prayer (has a skip or two)


Days of Broken Arrows said...

This is an interesting find. And not just for the LP cover fashions.

Helpful hint: sometimes if you spin a record backwards you can get rid of scratches -- and even surface noise. I have a DJ turntable that spins backwards by itself I use for this purpose. What happens is that dust lodges itself in the grooves and a backwards needle play can sometimes dislodge it.

Bob Funchess said...

I'm mostly amused by the name... "The Main Street Singers" is the name of the large, slightly demented folk group (as opposed to the small, slightly demented folk group, or the highly demented folk duo) from the movie A Mighty Wind.

ninetynine99 said...

Just since you were wondering about the members of the band, Richard Elder and Lynn Elder are my grandparents !

Esther said...

Wow! That is awesome, ninetynine99! Did they continue performing or record any other albums? I have this album framed and hanging in my den right now - I love it!


vinyljunky said...

Nice blog...found it as I Googled the Main St Singers.

I picked up another of their LPs yesterday: "Sunday Ride" and it is amazing. Great covers and originals.

The LP cover is a tripped-out period piece of olive, hot pink and electric blue.

Esther said...

Hi, vinyljunky!

That is awesome! Any chance you'll share that album? :-) I really love my Main St. Singers album!


Unknown said...

I know this blog is closed, but did not know if you could still receive a note here...

This was a very popular show band in the early 70's. I never got to see them play live, but they were well known by most Florida musicians around those year. Robert Speegle later became what traveling musicians in the club circuit came to know as "The Group Doctor", as he would help to write and arrange shows, and counsel band members on many levels. My band had one meeting with him but did not hire him as we didn't have the funds to do that. His wife Betty had sung with his band, and also was a popular costume designer and seamstress for show bands. Ted Skorman was the drummer, and started his own entertainment booking agency in Orlando, probably in the early 1980s, which is still operating today....T Skorman productions. I know him and have worked with him. I am Becky Molnar Pollitz, and was owner in a traveling show band, "Cloudburst".