Sunday, February 13, 2011

Patti Page - Patti Page's Greatest Hits (1966)

I love the Singing Rage, Miss Patti Page! "How Much is That Doggie in the Window" was one of my favorite songs growing up. I've shared a couple of other records by Patti Page, so I'll try to not repeat myself as to what I say here. I generally stay away from greatest hits albums if I have all or most of the artist's albums. Usually I only buy them if I just want the most well-known songs by an artist. When I bought this album, I didn't have any other Patti Page records, so it was fine to have this one. But for those of you who are familiar with her recordings, you'll notice that these songs don't sound like the songs you've heard so many times. That's because Patti re-recorded them for this album, which is on the Columbia label (she was on the Mercury label when she had all those hits). Maybe Columbia just wanted a new "take" on the songs, since the arrangements are all different. "Tennessee Waltz" is quite different, so you may or may not like it. "Old Cape Cod" is my favorite (besides "Doggie"), and I like this version fine.

Track listing for Patti Page's Greatest Hits:

Side 1:
1. Mockin' Bird Hill
2. (How Much is That) Doggie in the Window
3. Cross Over the Bridge
4. Detour
5. Mister and Mississippi
6. Old Cape Cod

Side 2:
1. I Went to Your Wedding
2. Tennessee Waltz
3. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
4. Changing Partners
5. Allegheny Moon


Bob said...

Thanks Esther for this Patti Page post. As a kid 'Doggie in the Window' was a number one hit on the radio. My sister and I could sing all the lyrics. I think this was sometime in the middle 50s.

Mark L. said...

One thing I noticed about this album is that, in addition to new arrangements, they don't have the multi-tracked vocals, just a solo voice. I really like the depth of the original multi-voiced records. CROSS OVER THE BRIDGE is my favorite of those.

Swank Daddy said...

Hey Esther, I've been looking for a really good Page compilation. Thanks for providing it.

tanktop said...

Greetings Esther!
Thanks so much for this Patti share. I kinda started out with this record (on discovering Miss Page), so I love the sound! I totally agree with your favourite 2 songs, plus I can't do without "Detour"!
I'm so happy to find this group of well-put-together tunes on your delightful Blog:)