Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fats and the Chessmen - Let's Twist (1962)

I really didn't expect much from this album when I bought it, as I really only bought it for the cover art. But, boy, did I love it when I listened to it! This album was obviously recorded to capitalize on the popularity of the Twist dance craze, as there were many Twist records that came out around that time. And I have no idea who Fats and the Chessmen were (no, it's not THE "Fats"). But this album will certainly get you up and dancing! It's quite enjoyable and a fun one to play at your next dance party! If one of your new year's resolutions was to exercise more, then I suggest playing this record and dancing to it - a lot more fun than any of the Wii Fit exercise routines!

Track listing for Fats and the Chessmen - Let's Twist:

Side 1:
1. Twistin' U.S.A.
2. An Odd Twist
3. Lemon Twist
4. Ooh Poo Pa Doo
5. Organ Twist
6. Peppermint Twist

Side 2:
1. Let's Twist Again
2. Old MacDonald Had a Twist
3. Big Ben Twist
4. Insistin' On Twistin'
5. Honkin' the Twist
6. The Twist


Robin said...

Hi Esther,

Thank you so much for posting these long lost albums...Like you I grew up loving David Cassidy and the Partridge Family and before them my favorite album was The Flying Nun. I truly believe listening to those songs over and over again as a child helped me to have a positive outlook on life...
I was so excited to learn I could download the music so I could hear these songs I hadn’t heard in years. But for some reason, the megaupload page will not comes up so I have not been successful in my attempt to hear Sally Fields sing….Darkest Before Dawn, Optimize, the Louder I Sing, I’m On My Way & The Musicians. But, I will keep trying…

Thank you again for making these available. You are filling the world with music :)

Esther said...

Hi, Robin,

Thanks so much for the kind words. Unfortunately, I lost almost all my backups yesterday when the U.S. took down Megaupload on charges of copyright infringement, racketeering, money laundering, and several other charges (the owner has been arrested in New Zealand). At this point, I do not plan to reupload any of the lost files unless a particular file is requested. Since you asked for Sally Field, that is now backed up on another site! Enjoy!


Tanktop said...

Thanks Esther - this really does the twistin' party trick!

druca said...

In Brazil, a LP named "Let's Twist" by Fats & his Chessmen (not Fats & The Chessmen)(1963) was released with a different cover and other tracks. And there is a volume 2 (in Brazil) (1963) with the same cover of volume 1. Maybe they aren't the same group.

boromax said...

Sad to read that your blog is closed! I just now found you!!! I am engaged in a similar endeavor, but without the mp3s... mostly just for the album art and the historical reference... over at I'll come back over to your place and spend some time in the stax you worked so hard on, though.