Sunday, January 08, 2012

Vikki Carr - Don't Break My Pretty Balloon (1968)

I love, love, love Vikki Carr! I just can't seem to get enough of her beautiful voice lately! And I lucked out recently when I found three of her albums at my favorite little resale store down the street! I know she still performs and am hoping she'll make a trip to Dallas so that I can go see her (she went to San Antonio last year, so why not Dallas?). "With Pen in Hand" always puts a lump in my throat, especially since Vikki puts so much emotion into it. Well, that song is not on this album, but you'll find some familiar songs as Vikki does her covers of them. Plus, "Vikki Carr unveils 'Your Heart is Free Just Like the Wind,' 'She'll Be There' and other vocal delights."

Track listing for Vikki Carr - Don't Break My Pretty Balloon:

Side 1:
1. Don't Break My Pretty Balloon
2. Tears On My Pillow
3. It's Not Unusual
4. Happy Together
5. Just for You
6. Your Heart is Free Just Like the Wing

Side 2:
1. All My Love
2. She'll Be There
3. The Glory of Love
4. Nothing to Lose
5. The Magic of People
6. Honey


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