Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Serendipity Singers (1964)

Here's the really great debut album of the Serendipity Singers - love them! It has their big hit "Crooked Little Man", but all the songs are great! I really like the album cover, too - reminds me of the movie "A Mighty Wind". I sure do miss the folk groups from back in the day (although I was too young to appreciate them them). Are there any groups nowadays that are similar to the Serendipity Singers? If any of you know of any, I would appreciate it if you tell me about them!

Track listing for The Serendipity Singers:

Side 1:
1. Waggoneer Lad
2. Crooked Little Man
3. Sunshine Special
4. Mud
5. Freedom's Star
6. Sailing Away

Side 2:
1. Sing Out
2. Jimmy-O
3. Sinner Man
4. Cloudy, Summer Afternoon
5. Boots and Stetsons
6. Goin' Home


Mac said...

Fun stuff, I had their other album but not this one - thank you so much for the share - as for others groups - none today that I know of (more's the pity for this generation eh?)

der bajazzo said...

... And I always thought that song was called "Don't Let The Rain Come Down".

Thanks for putting me right.

TupeloBrian said...

My oldest brother had this album which came out about the time I was born. I bought the CD version from Collectables when it was paired with their 2nd album.