Sunday, January 28, 2007

Me and My RC (1975)

"Me and my RC, me and my RC. 'Cause what's good enough for other folks ain't good enough for me! Me and my RC, me and my RC!"

How many of you remember those commercials from the 1970s? They were among my favorite commercials back in the day, and probably one of the best ad campaigns ever! I remember riding my skateboard (back when they were skinny little wooden things) and drinking an RC Cola as I rode along, sometimes singing the little jingle. Ah, the memories that this record brought back as I listened to it! This record is another of the gems I've found in the Half-Price Books clearance bin. (Actually, I give credit to my friend, Bradley, for finding it but letting me buy it for my collection.) Once again, the cover caught my eye - the girl just epitomizes the wholesome, girl-next-door type of the 70s! Well, this is the music from several TV commercials, but I don't know if the record was given to radio stations or what. The record only has tracks on one side and says "Not for sale, broadcast, or public performance", so I don't know what else anyone would do with it - maybe it was just part of a media kit or something like that. Whatever - it's really cool! In fact, I think I'll go have a Moon Pie and an RC right now (it's a Southern thing)!

Track listing for Me and My RC:

1. Overture; Stock Car
2. Truck Driver
3. Lawyer; Theme Music; Freckle-Face
4. Executive Decision
5. Blacksmith
6. Crop Seeder; Theme Music; Farm Girl
7. Basketball
8. Riverboat; Theme Music; Georgia Nights
9. Fiddler

P.S. For you fans of RC Cola and/or Moon Pies, check out some great collectibles at the Moon Pie website!

And here's one of the commercials for you (the one called "Executive Decision")!


flageolette said...

This Full Phat Colour,Epic 70's Cover;
Makes me curious,

Ferrel said...

I had that album and sold it at a yard sale a lifetime ago. Selling that was a decision I have always regretted. I'd like to think it might have been my album that ended up in that store. More than you can imagine, thank you for sharing!

Jeeps said...

Thanks for posting, I came across a video that shows the album on YouTube and it brought quite a few memories back. I can still remember the first time I saw the girl on the motor bike, I was 9 years old watching TV with my brother and even before puberty our jaws dropped when we saw her riding around.
The album reminded me of the other commercials they had done for the same campaign. I've been trying to find a video of the ads but the only one uploaded was removed for some reason. if anyone spots one, please let me know.