Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Paul Weston and His Orchestra - Mood for 12 (1955)

Here's yet another gem from the Half-Price Books clearance bin! The cover is what definitely caught my eye (ooh - doesn't she look lovely?!), but when I saw that it was a Paul Weston album, I absolutely had to buy it! Paul Weston was one of my mom's favorites, so I grew up listening to his music - makes for great mood music to be playing in the background when you're with your lovely lady! This album features some great solos by Ziggy Elman, Eddie Miller, Matty Matlock, Babe Russin, Ted Nash, Clyde Hurley, George Van Eps, Bill Schaefer, Stanley Wrightman, Barney Kessel, Paul Smith, and Joe Howard (noted on each song below). I must admit that I'm particular to the ones that have sax solos - they just have such a sexy sound! Enjoy!

Track listing for Paul Weston and His Orchestra - Mood for 12:

Side 1:
1. It's the Talk of the Town - Tenor Sax solo by Babe Russin
2. I'm Comin' Virginia - Trombone solo by Bill Schaefer
3. Memories of You - Trumpet solo by Clyde Hurley
4. Nice Work If You Can Get It - Piano solo by Paul Smith
5. My Funny Valentine - Guitar solo by Barney Kessel
6. Emaline - Tenor Sax solo by Eddie Miller

Side 2:
1. Skylark - Tenor Sax solo by Ted Nash
2. Judy - Clarinet solo by Matty Matlock
3. Louisiana - Guitar solo by George Van Eps
4. Georgia on My Mind - Trombone solo by Joe Howard
5. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Piano solo by Stanley Wrightman
6. Confessin' - Trumpet solo by Ziggy Elman


Licorice Pizza said...

Great Posts! Thanks Esther. LP

Esther said...

Hi, LP! Glad you liked it! Hope you're having a great New Year!

mel said...

Hi esther,

Another lovely LP!

Thanks so much.

BingBoy said...

Great Paul Weston album I never heard of before! I'm relatively new to the blog-world, but so far you guys & gals have turned my iPod from mediocre to sublime and made lonely nights in foreign hotel rooms almost enjoyable. Thanks a million!

fdg2012 said...

Thanks so much for this album as well as your overall blog. A great time is to be had here!