Sunday, January 21, 2007

Various Artists - 18 Top Hits (1957)

Here's yet another album I bought for the cover alone - LOVE the girl dancing by the jukebox! The cover was kind of weird though because the back is completely blank - no track listing or names of the artists. So how did people know whether or not they wanted to buy this if they didn't know anything about what was on it? Did they buy it for the cover alone, too? Strange. And, although it's called "18 Top Hits", there are actually 23 songs on it. Well, this album is on the Waldorf Record Corp. label, which was a budget record label started in 1953 or 1954 by Enoch Light (which explains why he and his orchestra play several of the songs on this album). The records were sold exclusively in Woolworth stores (ah, how I fondly remember the Woolworth in my home town). Anyway, this album contains the hits of the day, but not recorded by the original artists. This is probably one of the albums I've had the most fun listening to and recording - it's just so...nostalgic! Listening to albums like this makes me wish that I had been around back in those days - sigh. Well, the album was pretty beat up when I bought it in the clearance bin at my favorite place (Half-Price Books), and four of the songs have skips. I did do the click and pop removal but there's still quite a bit of clicks and pops, so y'all may want to clean it up further if you can. Overall, this is a fun album!

Track listing for 18 Top Hits:

Side 1:
1. Around the World - Enoch Light & his Orch. (skips)
2. A Fallen Star - Bobby Sykes & The Country Five (skips)
3. Send for Me - Bob Eberly with Enoch Light & his Orch.
4. Long Lonely Nights - Keith Textor & The Monarchs
5. Star Dust - Loren Becker & The Monarchs
6. What Will I Tell My Heart - Jimmy Blaine with Enoch Light & his Orch.
7. Fascination - Sylvia Textor with Enoch Light Orch.
8. My Heart Reminds Me - Sylvia Textor & The Monarchs
9. Please Send Me Someone to Love - Loren Becker & The Monarchs
10. Tammy - Dottie Evans
11. There's a Gold Mine in the Sky - Bob Eberly, Enoch Light Orch. & Chorus
12. Chances Are - Keith Textor

Side 2:
1. Diana - Jerry Duane with The Monarchs
2. Rainbow - Loren Becker, Enoch Light Orch. & Chorus (skips)
3. Love Me to Pieces - Dottie Evans with The Monarchs (skips)
4. Honeycomb - Jerry Duane
5. Whispering Bells - Brigadiers with Enoch Light & his Orch.
6. That'll Be the Day - Artie Malvin with The Zig Zags
7. Passepartout - Enoch Light & his Orch.
8. Invitation to a Bullfight - Enoch Light & his Orch.
9. Entrance of the Bull March - Enoch Light & his Orch.
10. Paris Arrival - Enoch Light & his Orch.
11. Pagoda of Pillagi - Enoch Light & his Orch.

BTW, the 20,000 site hits mark came and went and I didn't even notice! Thanks to all of you who have been visiting, browsing around, and downloading the albums I'm sharing! If y'all have any requests, please let me know and I'll see if I have it. And I'm looking for the following "celebrity vocals" albums - Peggy Lipton's self-titled album from 1968; Sajid - by Sajid Khan in 1967; Kurt Russell's self-titled album from 1970; Clint Eastwood - Cowboy Favorites from 1959. There are many more, but these are the only ones I can think of for now.


Ernie said...

I took a look-see, but I don't seem to have any of the records in my collection that you're looking for. Thought of anything else?

Scott said...

People knew what was on the record because they could look at the record inside the jacket.

Records used to be sold without being shrink-wrapped.

This dates from the era of listening booths in record stores, so sealing the record would have been a stupid idea anyway.

Shrink wrap came along shortly after this record came out, I think. But this looks like a budget label anyway, they might have not shrink-wrapped it to save a penny or two on each LP.