Sunday, March 11, 2007

Burl Ives - The Wayfaring Stranger (1955)

Today's offering is an album by America's Troubador, Burl Ives. I think it's pretty safe to say that when one hears the phrase "folk songs", one thinks of Burl Ives. I've heard most of the songs on this album, mostly on old cowboy movies or TV shows. I remember learning a few of them back in grade school (do they teach kids these type of songs anymore?). It's really too bad that there aren't many folk singers like this around anymore - singers who keep "traditional" songs alive. Since there aren't too many cowboy movies anymore, we don't hear songs like "Cowboy's Lament" or "Old Paint" - makes me a little sad. But then, I love nostalgia and hate to see it fade away. Anyway, I hope y'all like this album (I know my cats did!). (I have to say though that I think they could have come up with a better cover - I think this one is a little creepy.)

Track listing for Burl Ives - The Wayfaring Stranger:

Side 1:
1. Leather-Winged Bat; Cotton-Eyed Joe
2. Sweet Betsy from Pike; On Top of Old Smoky
3. I Know Where I'm Going; I Know My Love
4. Cowboy's Lament
5. Wee Cooper O'Fife; Riddle Song
6. Tam Pierce
7. Peter Gray
8. Darlin' Cory
9. John Hardy
10. Colorado Trail; Roving Gambler

Side 2:
1. Bonnie Wee Lassie
2. The Divil and the Farmer
3. On Springfield Mountain
4. Little Mohee
5. Troubador Song
6. Robin, He Married; Lavender Cowboy
7. Green Broom
8. High Barbaree
9. I've Got No Use for Women
10. Old Paint


Craig D said...

Egads - that looks like a police composite skecth!

I have yet to find Burl's version of "Little White Duck" anywhere...

Esther said...

Hey, Craig!

I told you that was a creepy cover! I think that's got to rate among the worst album covers ever.

Don't have his version of "Little White Duck", but I'll keep an eye out for it!

Thanks for visiting!

Jeffrey said...

The download site says the file needs to be re-uploaded. Could you, please?

Thanks, Jeff.

Esther said...

Hi, Jeff!

The file has been re-uploaded. Thanks for visiting!


MrBill said...

Boy, does this bring back memories - my folks had an abbreviated version of this album in a double-45 set. "Tam Pierce" is one song I could still sing almost verbatim despite not having heard the record in some 30 years. Now, I get to listen to the whole thing with fresh ears. Thanks!!!