Sunday, March 18, 2007

George Maharis - Portrait in Music (1962)

The next few posts are going to be "celebrity vocals" - my favorite category in my record collection. I'm a TV and movie fiend, so I particularly like record albums by TV and movie actors, no matter how good or how bad they are! Some of the albums have been pleasant surprises, as in the couple of George Maharis albums I have. This particular album is a great album to listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon such as today - George's smooth vocals make it particularly nice! There are a lot of familiar standards on this album - my favorites are "The More I See You" and "Lollipops and Roses".

George Maharis shot to stardom as "Buzz Murdock" on the television series "Route 66". I never saw the show (I was just a baby when it was canceled) when it was on the air, and I've never seen it in reruns. But George sure was a nice looking guy! After he left the show, he pursued a movie career and was a guest star in many TV shows. He had a couple of brushes with the law (I vaguely remember one in the 1970s), and posed nude for the second issue of Playgirl magazine. His last appearance was in a movie in 1993 and he has since "retired".

Track listing for George Maharis - Portrait in Music:

Side 1:
1. Love Could Change My Mind
2. Where Are You?
3. If Love Were All
4. Here's That Rainy Day
5. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)
6. I Can't Stop Loving You

Side 2:
1. Talk to Me
2. The More I See You
3. Lollipops and Roses
4. Love Me as I Love You
5. What a Diff'rence a Day Made
6. They Knew About You


Vince said...

I remember Route 66. I was a great show. I was about 9 when it was on the tube.
2 guys in a Corvette going around the country, working small jobs and solving other peoples problems along the way.
Marin Milner was his pal. Who soon went to Adam-12 when Route 66 ended.
I just finished downloading the Album and I am listening to Georges voice in Lollipops and Roses. Very good compared to Jack Jones's original.
Gee its nice to hear George's voice. Thanks Esther

Esther said...

Always good to hear from you, Vince!

yvana said...


did u join my forum? its a huge success!!!

Don said...

I have another, different George Maharis album buried in my LPs someplace, (I think he did the Route 66 theme on it if memory isn't failing) and from listening to it before even hearing this one, compared to most of the other star albums from the sixties and seventies, George could sing!
I can remember Route 66 too, and it was a pretty good show, with a classic TV theme that still makes me want to hit the road in a Corvette when I hear it.

My favorite episode was the Halloween show with Lon Chaney Jr., Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff playing themselves. Thanks for this great album share!

Don said...

A followup - the album I have is called "George Maharis Sings!" and the Route 66 he does is the Bobby Troup (Dr. Joe Early from "Emergency" along with his gorgeous wife, Julie London!)song recorded first by Nat King Cole, not the Nelson Riddle TV theme.

Esther said...

Hi, Don!
I have another album by him, too, but it's not the one you have. I plan to post it sometime - maybe you can post yours, too!

Thanks for visiting!

David Bruce said...

What a great album -- fantastic treat! Thanks for sharing!!!

David Bruce said...
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refer said...

George Maharis was here in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 1964 and did some sucessful shows. I watched one of them on TV and remember he did Beatles' 'Do You Want To Know A Secret?' and 'The Girl From Ipanema'. Very nice guy.

Thea said...

Great album, thank you