Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chad Everett - All Strung Out (1971)

"Paging Dr. Joe Gannon! Paging Dr. Joe Gannon!"

How many of you watched Chad Everett starring as "Dr. Joe Gannon" on the television series "Medical Center" back in the 1970s? I used to love that show! (Does anybody know if and when this is coming out on DVD?) And Chad Everett was the grooviest doctor ever! James Brolin was cool as the motorcycle-riding "Dr. Steve Kiley" on "Marcus Welby", but Chad Everett was G-R-O-O-V-Y! Remember the mod clothes he wore? I remember one episode where he was wearing these groovy furry boots - he definitely brought some style to doctors' wardrobes! And that hair - never a hair out of place! Even now when I see him in some commercial for insurance (or something like that), he still has that perfect hair (silver now) and is still a good-looking man. Sigh.

Well, our man Chad also recorded a couple of record albums back during his "Dr. Joe Gannon" days - and I have both of them! Many of you know how I have a particular fondness for celebrity vocal albums, and my Chad albums are two of my favorites. "All Strung Out" is his debut album and contains some familiar songs as well as some I've never heard of before. My favorite is "Hey Girl" (although my favorite version of this song is by a young Donny Osmond - before his voice changed). An interesting bit of trivia about this album is that it was produced by Nino Tempo (of Nino and April fame). Nino also arranged several of the songs and played the sax solo on "Hey Girl". Oh, and "All Strung Out" was first recorded by Nino and April in the 1960s.

So, here's groovy Dr. Joe Gannon crooning some tunes! Enjoy!

Track listing for Chad Everett - All Strung Out:

Side 1:
1. You're My Soul and Inspiration
2. Ain't No Sunshine
3. All Strung Out
4. I Can't Go On Livin' Baby Without You
5. Bayou

Side 2:
1. Can't Kick the Habit of Lovin' You
2. Jesus Hammer
3. Hey Girl
4. Speak of Love
5. Man from Nazareth


Lacey said...

I also remember watching "Medical Center" in my youth. I had such a crush on Chad Everett I almost became a nurse just to get the chance to meet him (you thought that way when you were young).

Thank you for the post.

Theresa said...

it used to be my favorite program......I think he was a doll!!

Max the drunken severed head said...

Rest in peace, Chad Everett.

As a child, my family and I watched "Medical Center" weekly. My dad, a small town doctor, preferred the better-written show about doctors in a large city hospital over "Marcus Welby, M.D." the more genteel show set in a small town.

Interesting facts (taken from Wikipedia) about the handsome actor (born Ramon Cramton):

He earned two Golden Globe noms for his role as Dr. Joe Gannon. He supplied the voice of Ultraman Chuck in the English version of the animated movie ULTRAMAN: The Adventure Begins and voiced several characters in the animated television series "The New Yogi Bear Show." He hosted Trinity Broadcasting Network's "Master's Theater." He portrayed a closeted gay police officer on the December 3, 2006, episode "Forever Blue" of the television series, "Cold Case."

Everett was selected by the family of John Wayne to be the voice of the animatronic figure of Wayne in Disney MGM Studios' "Great Movie Ride."

Everett battled alcoholism for many years before seeking treatment from Alcoholics Anonymous. He had a much publicized argument with actress Lily Tomlin during the taping of the March 31, 1972, episode of "The Dick Cavett Show." Tomlin became so enraged when Everett referred to his wife as "my property" that she stormed off the set. Everett was married to actress Shelby Grant for 45 years until her death.

Reporter Ronnie Simonsen’s admiration of Everett is an important part of "How's Your News?", a 2002 documentary (about a group of mentally disabled news reporters touring the United States) in which Simonsen meets Everett near the end of the film. According to the "How's Your News?" website, the two remained friends until Everett's death.