Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dante & His Orchestra - Serenades for Sex Kittens (1958)

Is this a crazy cover or what?! I love it! Needless to say, when I saw this cover, I just had to buy this record - I didn't care who it was by or if I liked any of the songs. I mean, just look at this cover! Who comes up with some of these cover art ideas anyway? Well, this is one I'll be framing and hanging up on the wall of my new house (I'm in the process of buying a groovy mid-century modern house - I'll post pictures of it in a later post). And I just love the title of the album, too! The music itself is pretty good - I'd say this is an album to add to your lounge collection. I did my best to clean this one up, but you will still hear some clicks and pops, plus a couple of the songs have some minor skips.

Here are the liner notes by Jay Arcy - more of a free-form poem, really (kinda like what I would think they would recite in those beatnik cafes - love it!):
... modern myrrh and mischief ...
flat-tummied, twin-turreted gamins ...
moist pouted underlips ... amoral pixies and confused carnivores
stuffed animals, jazz and racing cars ... lazy, lithe
child wastrels ... sic transit GINA and MARILYN
swiftly now, cross over the BRIGETTE.
Lush the sex kittens; lush their serenades ...
zee melodies Americaine burst like grapeseeds
from Paris terraces ... sweeping strings, tres hi fi, society brisk ...
whirring, purring ... gay, cyclical Sartrian
strains ... hers all hers ... her manner,
her madness ... HER MUSIC.
Track listing for Dante & His Orchestra - Serenades for Sex Kittens:

Side 1:
1. I'll Always Be in Love with You
2. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
3. But Beautiful
4. That's My Weakness Now
5. I Fall in Love with You Everyday
6. Suddenly It's Spring

Side 2:
1. When They Ask About You
2. The River
3. Bahama Buggy Ride
4. Going My Way
5. My One and Only Love
6. Please Don't Talk About Me


Ernie said...

I was looking at this cover in a Carlton LP discography just a couple of nights ago, thinking "I'd buy that if I saw it". And then here it is! Is that considered synchronicity or serendipity? I'm not sure which...

Unknown said...

Lots and lots of serendipity here.
Happy to see your back.
Xmas was special because of the Stax-o-Wax greeting.

judahblue said...

I believe you mentioned Josie and the Pussycats a while back? Did you see this?

Esther said...

Hey, y'all!

Thanks for always coming by and for your comments! It's good to be back!

Jackie Gleason said...

I had to download this and give a listen just because of the title and the cover art.

WOWWWWW!!! This is good stuff!!

Excellent music and performances. I was shocked. I figured it would be cutesy and cliche-ish.