Sunday, January 27, 2008

Eydie Gorme - Eydie in Love (1958)

I love Eydie Gorme. I mentioned in a previous post that I grew up listening to her "Amor" and "Mas Amor" albums, so that's how I was exposed to her wonderful voice and songs. Those were the only two of her albums that my mom had, so I had never listened to "Eydie in Love" until I bought this album. And, once again, it was the cover that caught my attention - I love the expression on Eydie's face! One should be so lucky to feel whatever she's feeling in that picture!

Well, this album does not disappoint. Eydie sings some wonderful pop standards and brings her own style of warmth and feeling to these songs. It's simply delightful! I was able to remove most of the clicks and pops, but you can still hear some, and there's a skip in a couple of the songs, but none that will detract from the overall performance. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do!

Track listing for Eydie Gorme - Eydie in Love:

Side 1:
1. When the World Was Young
2. In Love in Vain
3. Here I Am in Love Again
4. Why Shouldn't I?
5. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
6. Love Letters

Side 2:
1. In Other Words
2. When I Fall in Love
3. Idle Conversation
4. Why Try to Change Me Now
5. Impossible
6. It Could Happen to You

Here's a video of Eydie singing "Johnny One-Note":


vo5vo said...

Thank you for Edyie.
Eydie on Broadway has a similar picture of her happiness.
Best Wish

vo5vo said...

The album I have is called Showstoppers. The photograph is
at night with city lights behind her.

Esther said...

Hi, Vince!

I've seen the album you're talking about - I think I might have it. Thanks for always checking in - and I haven't forgotten that I need to send you an email!

Luis said...

Hi Esther
I've been checking out your page for some time now and really enjoy the music you post here. I own this Eydie Gorme album and it is one of my favorites. Thanks again for the music.

mandolin said...

Thanks for sharing....... love your music :o)