Sunday, April 20, 2008

David Carroll - Let's Dance (1959)

Here's yet another gem from the HPB bargain bin! And - surprise - I bought it for the cover art. I actually thought that this album would have a Latin beat to it because of the way the girl was dancing on the cover, but it actually turned out to be more like a Lawrence Welk type of sound. But, luckily, I love Lawrence Welk, too! The songs on this album also reminded me of the years that I was ballroom dancing, so if any of you are into ballroom dancing, then I recommend this album. Plus, how can anyone not like an album that has "The Glow Worm" on it? That's one of my favorites! (I also think my mother had a dress like the girl on the cover.)

Track listing for David Carroll - Let's Dance:

Side 1:
1. Let's Dance
2. Cuddle Up a Little Closer
3. Yearning
4. A Gliss to Remember
5. The Glow Worm
6. The Trouble with Harry

Side 2:
1. My Sin
2. Dancing Tambourine
3. Euphrates
4. Puerto Rican Pedlar
5. Armen's Theme
6. Dixie Dawn Patrol


EasyStackin said...

You came across a great recording. Upbeat and happy. Wasn't that Mr. Welk's goal? Welk lover here as well. Thanks

doug said...

Thanks very much for the David Carroll post. I used to have about 15 of his LP's before I lost my entire collection. Any more of his that you can find would be greatly appreciated. Bassooner.

Esther said...

Hi, y'all!
Thanks for your great comments!
I'm glad you liked this album. If I come across any other David Carroll albums, I'll be sure to post, but right now this is my only album by him. It is great, isn't it?

Mikel J said...

Thanks for the Eydie. Unfortunately CBS has burried most of her material on that label and who knows where the most of the great ABC Paramount material went. Doesn't seem like MCA has it. You Need Hands and a few others aren't there, but I did manage to scarp up 'This Could Be The Start..." I don't know if you take requests, but "Can't Get Over Bossa Nova" is one of my favorites by her (the arrangement was great too). If you have it, could you post it?
Thank You,

jgmondragon said...

Estos discos una maravilla por su sonido y percusion. que buen regalo para sus seguidores.