Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marlene Dietrich at the Cafe De Paris (1954)

Any Marlene Dietrich fans out there??? Well, I love Marlene Dietrich - especially when she sang. I remember seeing her as Lola-Lola singing her signature song (and my favorite), "Falling in Love Again". (I'm proud to say that I can do a fairly good imitation of her singing this song!) And I loved her delightful role in "Destry Rides Again" and her singing "The Boys in the Backroom". She was beautiful and talented and sexy... sigh... I have a wonderful huge framed print of her wearing a tux and top hat, which will hang in my new house (as soon as I bring it up from my other house). Anyway, I'll stop gushing over Marlene Dietrich now, and I hope you enjoy this album, which was "recorded on her fabulous opening night at London's most famous night club with an introduction written and spoken by Noel Coward".

Track listing for Marlene Dietrich at the Cafe De Paris (link has been deleted - go buy CD at Amazon):

Side 1:
1. Introduction by Noel Coward
2. La Vie En Rose
3. The Boys in the Backroom
4. Lazy Afternoon
5. Lola
6. Look Me Over Closely
7. Das Lied ist Aus (Frag 'Nicht Warum Ich Gehe)

Side 2:
1. No Love, No Nothin'
2. The Laziest Gal in Town
3. Jonny
4. Lili Marlene
5. Falling in Love Again

Here's a clip from "Destry Rides Again" where she sings "The Boys in the Backroom":


jim said...

Hi, Just found your site. Had to download summer, right away. It is still cold, near Cape Cod. i am also a Leo, disabled due to artritis, and have a lovely 15 lb. cat. She is 11 or 12, and also has arthritis. Do you have any more Chad & Jeremy? Have a great day. Keep up the great work. Jim

Esther said...

Hi, Jim!
Welcome! Glad you stopped by and I hope you find some cool records you like! I'm afraid I don't have anything else by Chad & Jeremy - sorry. But if you have any requests, be sure to let me know and I'll post them if I have them!
Thanks again for your kind words!

vo5vo said...

Hi Esther,
During WW2 my father's brother Gene
was stationed in Paris and got to see here in person.
I have a picture of my father in Paris during the war standing in fore ground and the Effiel Tower in the back ground.
There is a story that goes with it. Dad had 3 brothers all of them lived together in NYC and all went to Europe for the War. Dad had a numer of medals one given to him by the French for shooting down the first German Jet.
He spent most of his hitch on the back of a Half Track. Jeep with Tank tracks manning the big Machine Guns.