Sunday, May 18, 2008

Paul Mauriat - Blooming Hits (1968)

Here's another album with a humdinger of a cover! Wow! I can definitely say that it was the cover that first grabbed my attention. I wonder what ever became of the girl on the cover...

Anyway, this is a great album! It's just perfect to play on a lazy spring or summer day - like today! I think it got up to close to 90 degrees in Dallas today - nice and sunny, barely a breeze, a beautiful day! It was the kind of day to just lie on the couch, or hammock, or outdoor lounger, and relax and listen to great music such as this. So, grab a cool drink, take it easy, and give it a listen.

Track listing for Paul Mauriat - Blooming Hits:

Side 1:
1. Somethin' Stupid
2. Penny Lane
3. This is My Song
4. Seuls Au Monde (Alone in the World)
5. Inch Allah

Side 2:
1. (There's a) Kind of Hush
2. Puppet on a String
3. L'Amour Est Bleu (Love is Blue)
4. Adieu a la Nuit (Adieu to the Night)
5. Mama


rostasi said...

To answer your question, she's apparently still around devoting her life to writing books these days:


Michael said...

Julie Newmar? I never heard this. How do you know? The girl in the picture looks a bit less curvy.

jgmondragon said...

Por favor repones el link que esta roto. Muchas gracias

Esther said...

Hola, jgmondragon,

El link nuevo ya esta listo!