Sunday, August 24, 2008

Peter Ricardo and His Calypso - Hi-Fi Calypso (1957)

Yesterday, my friend, Bradley, and I went to Half-Price Books and had a very productive afternoon! I came away with two of the Retro series cookbooks ("Retro Diner" and "Retro Pies"), and fifteen records! Of course, I will share these albums with y'all on this blog!

Today I am sharing another gem from the HPB bargain bin (but not one of yesterday's finds). I bought this one some years ago for the album cover, and had it framed and hanging on my wall until recently. I just love that cover! And, the music is pretty good, too. According to the liner notes, Peter Ricardo was a "true 'calypsonian' - geographically because he was born on the island of Grenada in the British West Indies; musically because he composes his own calypsos, unlike the artist who is known simply as a 'calypso singer' and sings the songs of others exclusively." Well, this album was recorded in England, and I think this was England's idea of calypso music. Personally, I prefer Harry Belafonte's style of singing calypso, but this is still a fun album to listen to. You'll recognize several of the songs, too!

Track listing for Peter Ricardo - Hi-Fi Calypso:

Side 1:
1. Let's Go Calypso
2. Grenada (Land of Spice)
3. Mama Look a Booboo (Shut Yuh Mouth - Go Away)
4. Dohbi Day-Oh (The Native Washerwoman)
5. Caribbean Love Song (Ramona and Ricardo)
6. Rum and Coca Cola

Side 2:
1. Marianne
2. Capullito de Aleli
3. The Banana Boat Song
4. Calypso Beat
5. Don't Ever Love Me
6. Jamaica Farewell

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