Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Telly Savalas - Telly (1974)

Time for another celebrity vocal - from none other than "Kojak" himself, Telly Savalas! And can you believe that I found this in the dollar bin at HPB?! Telly Savalas?! What were they thinking to put him in the dollar bin?! This is priceless! I mean, this is almost as good as any Mrs. Miller album (I have all four of her albums). And Telly was The Man! What charm - what masculinity - what a nice shiny head! Actually, I was a big "Kojak" fan back in the day - used to watch it every week with my father. They made a new "Kojak" show a couple of years ago with Ving Rhames - should never try to make new versions of hit TV shows. I like Ving Rhames, but there just isn't any other "Kojak" except for Telly.

Now, this is the first of four albums that Telly recorded. As you listen to this album, a question may come into your mind - "why?". Sometimes I wonder what agents or producers (or whoever these people are) are thinking when they suggest that a celebrity NOT known for his/her singing should record an album. Yeah, I know they're just trying to make more money off the celebrity because they know that people like me will buy the album! So, really - thank goodness that there are so many celebrity albums like this! The liner notes on this album say it best:
Telly describes himself as "the only virgin recording artist there is". He also has a fairly simple philosophy for making a record. He presents himself honestly. "People know that singing is not my bag, but if I say 'Hey, this is how Telly feels about this or that song,' I can't make mistakes. I can only make mistakes by pretending to be a great singer." First, you'll ask, what is an actor doing making a record? Well, when you hear Telly's dramatic interpretation of "You're a Lady", "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", and "Rubber Bands and Bits of String", you'll stop asking those silly questions and fall in love. Telly answers this question by modestly stating, "I was asked to make a record."

Track listing for Telly Savalas - Telly:

Side 1:
1. Rubber Bands and Bits of String
2. A Song for You
3. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
4. How Insensitive
5. You're a Lady

Side 2:
1. If
2. You and Me Against the World
3. Something
4. Without Her
5. Help Me Make It Through the Night

Here's a video of Telly "singing" his hit from this album - "If". It kinda brings a tear to my eye - sniff...


vo5vo said...

A Very Magnetic Personallity.
His Kojak show was better than many of todays cop shows.
Only one season came out on DVD. I hope the others follow.
Thanks Vince

zillagord said...

The facts that: a)You keep posting stuff by Telly and b)that I keep commenting on it are clearly signs of disturbed minds. Toss in my (our) enjoyment of the "If" video (I particularly like the part when he hums/sighs longlingly right before the last few lines), and I believe the straightjackets are being custom-tailored! Just don't shave your head!
Great to see you still posting this stuff, Esther.

Esther said...

Hi, Vince! Hi, Gordon!

I knew you two would like this post! I had you two in mind when I posted this!

J Thyme...kind said...

If I were going to do a celebrity death match then it would have to be with him & William Shatner.

oreja said...

Dear Esther you're the best! (Eres la mejor!)
Amazing site and incredible work!
Really thanks for sharin' these beautiful rarities!
My best regards from Argentina.

the family cat said...

Finally Telly Savalas put the name David Gates on the World map as his version of IF was bigger than the Bread original.At least it was in the U K (No.1)

Itchy bum said...

HI Esther,
I discovered your blog while trying to find Telly Savalas' stuff. I love it!! There are tons of new discoveries here that I never really took up when I saw them at the op shop (Aussie version of thrift stores). Bah! what a fool I've been. Not sure if I'm ready for Mrs Mills yet, but I'll give her a go.
Anyway thank you for taking the time to put up all this stuff, and I really like your insightful posts too.
seeya, Ben