Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reg Owen and His Orchestra - Coffee Break (1958)

Here's a real gem I found in the HPB bargain bin - and, once again, I bought it for the album cover - it's just so 1950s! The music is really great, too - very soothing and melodious. I'd never heard any of the songs before, but I like all of them.

The liner notes on this album are pretty long (talks a lot about coffee breaks), but I thought the following really describes this album:
The selections chosen for this recording were hand-picked especially for your coffee break. Of course, the musicians who made the record also took time out for their coffee breaks. That accounts for the little blank parts you'll note on the recording between selections.

There are songs here for every coffee break mood. Some are just right for vigorous stirring. Others are perfect for languid stirring, or for pouring sugar out of a container on a damp day. There are some songs absolutely incomparable for taking first sips by. There are even several songs by which you can ask for seconds, or rinse out your cup, if you happen to be through.

Now, hasn't that pot perked about long enough?

Track listing for Reg Owen - Coffee Break:

Side 1:
1. Oh But I Do
2. Ask Anyone Who Knows
3. Was That the Human Thing to Do
4. Every Day
5. Please Don't Talk About Me
6. Twenty-four Hours of Sunshine

Side 2:
1. When Hearts Are Young
2. Keep Smiling at Trouble
3. Have a Little Faith in Me
4. Love Will Find a Way
5. A Little Kiss Each Morning
6. Suddenly


mel said...

This looks good - I remember the Reg Owen Orchestra from the 1950s but I've never seen this one before.

Thanks very much for sharing.

mel said...

I wasn't wrong - the music's gorgeous!

Thanks so much.