Sunday, January 11, 2009

Belafonte - The Midnight Special (1962)

Today I'm posting the last of my Harry Belafonte records. This is the first one I actually bought, and it was because of the beautiful album cover. Love that cover. And I also love the way he sings. This one is different from the other two I have (and have posted) in that he's not doing the calypso thing (and that accent). It's a really great album, and even features Bob Dylan's first appearance on record, playing harmonica on the title track, "Midnight Special". Another interesting thing about this record is, that according to the liner notes, "a large proportion of the words are his (meaning Harry's), written in dressing rooms on tour, wrestled with for hours in his workshop". This is the mono version (if anyone has the stereo version, please share!). Go give it a listen!

Track listing for Belafonte - The Midnight Special (link has been deleted - go buy CD on Amazon):

Side 1:
1. Midnight Special
Let the Midnight Special shine in everlovin' light on me
2. Crawdad Song
You don't miss water till the well runs dry
And you don't miss your man till he says good-bye
3. Memphis Tennessee
I got a new way a-spellin' Memphis, Tennessee
4. Gotta Travel On
There's a lonesome freight at 6:08
Comin' through the town
And I feel like I've got to travel on
5. Did You Hear About Jerry?
Timber, Timber, Lord this Timber's gotta roll

Side 2:
1. On Top Of Old Smokey
If you ever see a dark cloud rollin' in the sky
It's my woman goin' to heaven, with a teardrop in her eye
2. Muleskinner
I can carve my initials on any ol' mule's behind
3. Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad
My baby sister keeps writin', "Come on home"
And my tears run down because my time's so long
4. Michael Row The Boat Ashore
So Christian soldiers off to war, Hallelujah
Hold the line in Arkansas, Hallelujah

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David Bruce-Casares said...

Here's the stereo version (RCA Victor LSP-2449)

Enjoy -- thanks for all the wonderful shared you post, this is the least I could do.