Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frank Chacksfield - The Music of George Gershwin (1957)

This is the second of two Frank Chacksfield albums that I have. I bought this a number of years ago when I was still doing ballroom dance. I had already bought the other album (which I posted last year) and really liked the lush orchestrations of that album, so when I saw this one, I had to buy it. Plus, this was an album of George Gershwin classics and I absolutely love George Gershwin. There isn't a song on this album that won't be familiar to you all, and they're all great. My personal favorites are "Someone To Watch Over Me" and "Rhapsody In Blue". I remember growing up that my mother would sometimes pull out her sheet music of "Rhapsody In Blue" and play it on the piano. She played very well, but she never did quite master it (it's pretty long and not that easy). I took classical piano for five years, but I never even attempted to play that song (I was only a mediocre pianist anyway). I hope you enjoy this one!

Track listing for Frank Chacksfield - The Music of George Gershwin:

Side 1:
1. Fascinatin' Rhythm
2. Someone To Watch Over Me
3. Beginner's Luck
4. The Man I Love
5. Do, Do, Do
6. They Can't Take That Away From Me
7. S'Wonderful

Side 2:
1. Embraceable You
2. Lady Be Good
3. I'm Bidin' My Time
4. I Got Rhythm
5. Love Walked In
6. Somebody Loves Me
7. Rhapsody In Blue


mel said...

I love these earlier recordings by Chacksfield.

Thanks very much for sharing.

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