Sunday, January 18, 2009

Martin Denny - 20 Golden Hawaiian Hits (1965)

How many of you are experiencing freezing temperatures right now? We had some very cold days in Dallas just a couple of days ago, but today it's rather nice out. Anyway, to help warm you up a little, how about some Hawaiian tunes? ("How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?" - remember that commercial?) Well, here are twenty tunes that'll take you away to the sunny beaches of Hawaii (warming up yet?), and played by none other than the king of exotica himself, Martin Denny. Aaahhh... Feel the balmy breeze on your face and see the palm trees lining the beach? Well, go pour yourself a Mai Tai or a Blue Hawaiian, and sit back and listen to Martin Denny (another treasure I picked out of the bargain bin at HPB).

Track listing for Martin Denny - 20 Golden Hawaiian Hits:

Side 1:
1. Hawaiian Village
2. Little Brown Gal
3. The Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai
4. To You, Sweetheart, Aloha
5. The Hukilau Song
6. Diamond Head
7. Lovely Hula Hands
8. Across The Sea
9. Princess Poo-poo-ly
10. On The Beach At Waikiki

Side 2:
1. My Little Grass Shack
2. Off Shore
3. Hawaiian Paradise
4. Pagan Love Song
5. The Hawaiian Wedding Song
6. The Moon Of Manakoora
7. Aloha Oe
8. Now Is The Hour
9. Hawaii Is Waiting For You
10. Hawaiian War Chant


Robert M. Lindsey said...

Thanks, I love Martin Denny.

Forbidden Islander said...

Just what the tiki gods ordered for this cold day on the prairie. Mahalo!