Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walter Brennan - The Country Heart of Walter Brennan (1966)

Been in a Walter Brennan mood lately, so I thought I'd share this album. Love him. Love his movies, TV shows, and the way he "spoke" on his albums. He spoke with such emotion that listening to his albums always brings a tear to my eye. "Scarlet Ribbons" does it for me on this album. Here's some of what the liner notes say:
Somewhere between outer space and the inner man stands Walter Brennan. There's a bit of earth and heaven in the way he reaches into all of us with a sprightly tug at the heart, a friendly chuckle or the shedding of a warm tear now and then. ... Walter Brennan is all of us put together as he tells us many things that we already know, but perhaps have neglected to ponder on for some time.
Track listing for The Country Heart of Walter Brennan:

Side 1:
1. Keep A Movin' Old Man
2. Cotton-Eyed Joe
3. Old Courthouse
4. Detroit City
5. Waiting for a Train

Side 2:
1. Moon Wanderer
2. Don't Go Near the Indians
3. Scarlet Ribbons
4. The Sound of Silence
5. Tennessee Stud

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SourPix said...

Scarlet Ribbons: new favorite song!