Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jumpin' Gene Simmons 1933-2006

Rockabilly singer and songwriter Gene Simmons (no, not the long-tongued guy from KISS!) died on Tuesday, August 29, 2006. In his early career, Gene was part of the Sun Records list of stars, which included Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. He later joined the famous Bill Black Combo as their lead singer, until the untimely death of Bill Black. He reached #11 on the Billboard charts in 1964 with his hit "Haunted House". Later he turned his talents to songwriting, including Tim McGraw's first hit in 1994, "Indian Outlaw".
I did find a copy of his hit, "Haunted House", and have posted it for your listening pleasure.
Haunted House


Kurtis said...

Hi Esther,

My name is Kurtis and I have a Disney cover tunes blog ( and I would like to talk to you about old Disney song you may have on vinyl. I already know you have at least one: Rodney Allen Rippy - It's a Small World

Do you have any more? Can you please email me at



Paw Paw said...

Esther, is there anyway, that you could, possibly re-up this one??
I have a sickly friend that would love this

Thank You For Considering

Paw Paw

Esther said...

Hi, Paw Paw!

I've reupped it! Hope your friend enjoys it!

Paw Paw said...

Big Thanks Ma'am :O)
No way, that you would have that complete album, would it ?? LOL

I do appreciate this one..

Thanks so Musch
Paw Paw

Esther said...

Hi, Paw Paw,

Sorry, I only have the one song.

Thanks for visiting!