Monday, August 21, 2006

Luau Compilation

Today is my birthday! Yep, I am definitely a Leo (if you look closely at my profile picture, you'll see that there's a Leo picture in the girl's room). Since my birthday falls on a Monday this year, I'm not having my birthday party until Saturday, and it's going to be a Hawaiian luau! So, in preparation for the luau, yesterday I spent several hours creating three different compilations of Hawaiian music to play at my party. (I did it the easy way and let iTunes pick the songs for me, so you'll find that there are several songs by the same musicians - iTunes picks randomly.) Anyway, since I'd already created these compilations, I decided to go ahead and post one of them. You'll find some more contemporary Hawaiian songs here (such as Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) along with the typical steel guitar type music (Jack DeMello) and even a cute tune from Annette Funicello's "Hawaiiannette" album. Plus, "Hawaii Five-O" is on here! As I said, there's a variety - not just your usual Hawaiian tunes. Hope y'all enjoy it - aloha!

Luau Compilation 1 Track Listing (yes, they're in alphabetical order - I'm funny that way) -

1. Adventures in Paradise - Les Adams & His Fabulous Hawaiians
2. At the Bay of the Rainbows - George Kainapau
3. Beyond the Reef - Jack DeMello
4. Blue Hawaii - Dick Contino
5. Blue Lei - George Kainapau
6. Diamond Head - Dick Contino
7. Far Across the Sea - Alfred Apaka
8. Farewell My Tani - Les Adams & His Fabulous Hawaiians
9. Hawai'i 78 - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
10. Hawaii Five-O - The Ventures
11. Hawaii Sang Me to Sleep - Les Adams & His Fabulous Hawaiians
12. Hawaiian Luau - George Kainapau
13. Hawaiian War Chant - Dick Contino
14. Hawaiian Wedding Song - Elvis Presley
15. Kalua Skys - Les Adams & His Fabulous Hawaiians
16. Kauai Beauty - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
17. Lei Aloha - George Kainapau
18. Lei Hana I Ka Makani Ualau'awa - Keali'i Reichel
19. Maui Medley - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
20. On the Beach at Waikiki - Les Adams & His Fabulous Hawaiians
21. Pineapple Princess - Annette Funicello
22. Pua 'Ala Aumoe - Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau
23. That's What the Lei Said to Me - George Kainapau
24. To Make You Love Me, Kuu Ipo - George Kainapau
25. Tropical - Dick Contino
26. Waimea Waltz - Arthur Lyman

Luau Compilation


Lazar said...

A very, very good looking cover art...

I definitely will include you in my link bar :)))

I also have a album of Eydie Gorme on my site

Welcome, and I wish you All the best...


Esther said...

Thanks, Lazar! I really love your compilations!