Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Duane Eddy - Twangin' the Golden Hits (1965)

Okay, so like I'm taking guitar lessons and lately I've been listening a lot to albums that feature the guitar. I even went out and bought a brand new guitar - a Fender acoustic guitar. It's just the basic kind that's good for beginners. (I already play piano, alto sax, and ukelele.) Maybe some day I'll get good enough that I can buy a really cool guitar like the one in the picture or even branch out into electric guitars! I've got a long list of songs I want to play (I've only just learned how to play "Amazing Grace" - the first song we learned in class.), most of which are ballads. Maybe in the far-off future, I'll even record myself playing a tune and post it!

Anyway, going through my albums, this one stuck out. I like the style of Duane Eddy, although I will probably never be able to play that way. I think I just like the way these songs sound - so 1950s! Most of these are quite familiar, but I think my favorites are "Rebel Rouser" (his big hit in 1958) and "Honky Tonk".

Track listing for Duane Eddy - Twangin' the Golden Hits:

Side 1:
1. Rebel Rouser
2. Raunchy
3. Shangri-La
4. Last Date
5. Honky Tonk
6. Theme from "A Summer Place"

Side 2:
1. Tequila
2. Stranger on the Shore
3. More (Theme from "Mondo Cane")
4. The River Kwai March
5. Swingin' Shepherd Blues
6. Rumble

And here's Duane Eddy playing "Rebel Rouser" on the show "Hullabaloo":


Scott said...

How to play like Duane Eddy:

1) Plug your electric gee-tar into a Fender Reverb unit/amp.

2) Turn the reverb setting up to 11. Volume also.

3) Do not play any chords!

4) Pick out the melody of the song on the "E" string ONLY. Go up and down the neck as needed, but use only that one string! (That's the fattest one, kids.)

5) Hire a bunch of session musicians to play everything else.

ET VOILA! You are Duane Eddy!

Esther said...

Hi, Scott!

Thanks for the tips on how to play like Duane Eddy! I tried it out - it works!

Thanks for visiting!

sr. mexicant said...

i really loved it....many thanks

Siiiiiiii Seeennnooorrrrr!

Anonymous said...

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