Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Frankie Laine - Hell Bent for Leather! (1961)

I was saddened to hear that Frankie Laine died yesterday at the age of 93. One of the most popular entertainers of the 1950s, he had hits with songs such as "That's My Desire", "Mule Train", "Jezebel", "I Believe", and "That Lucky Old Sun". He's also remembered for singing the theme to the television series "Rawhide" and the theme to the movie "Blazing Saddles". So, in fond memory of Frankie Laine, I share with you the album "Hell Bent for Leather!", which contains some of his most memorable western hits. (For an alternative version of "Mule Train" as played on the Hammond organ, go to my previous post.) You ride 'em, cowboy - R.I.P. - Frankie Laine (1913 - 2007).

Track listing for Frankie Laine - Hell Bent for Leather!:

Side 1:
1. Wanted Man
2. High Noon
3. Gunfight at O.K. Corral
4. Bowie Knife
5. Along the Navajo Trail
6. The Cry of the Wild Goose

Side 2:
1. Rawhide
2. City Boy
3. Cool Water
4. The 3:10 to Yuma
5. The Hanging Tree
6. Mule Train

And here's Frankie singing one of his other hits, "The Rock of Gibralter":


Kevin said...

A great posting and thanks for the video.

LoungeTracks said...

Thanks for this Esther!

My vinyl copy is beyond repair, it'll be a treat to hear this once again.

Stop by my place, you may find something of interest.

Lounge On,

Phil Musical said...

Hi Esther,
i've discovered right now your fantastic blog and i have added a link from my blog. Also vinyl sharity, lounge, bossa & jazzy grooves from Spanish recordings during sixties and seventies. I hope you enjoy it! Can you add me to your links list too?
Thanks very much for the Don Baker hammond album. I'm dancing at home listening to it!!

Rockinbavarian said...

Great! Frankie Laine is Rawhide, is Jealousy, is hell Bent For Leather..

Vince said...

Another nice post.
I would like to e-mail you and learn more about you if you are single like I am. I know you are special from the love you shared with your mom and love of music and more.
If I send you MY E-MAIL on this site can you erase it from public view?
Hope you will like to have some conversation.
Star Trek, the original series , has one episode remastered with new CG Effects. It is The Doomsday Machine. Written by the sci fi writter Norman Spinrad. Starring William Windom ( a favorite of mine from the 1960's as a character actor).
I watched it saturday. There were some new shots of the Enterprise and the Constellation that were done well.

Stevio said...

Thanks for the Frank(ie)!


stop by:

tracks and more

Esther said...

Hey, y'all!

Thanks for all the great comments! So glad you liked the Frankie Laine!

Kevin, LT, Phil, and Stevio - I'll definitely check out your blogs and will add links.

Vince - yes, post your email and I will write. I'll delete your email from public view as you requested.

Thanks again for visiting!

Magnet said...


Thank you very much for sharing this music. I haven't heard it in over 25 years. It is the first album that I can recall, in my life. It brings back great memories. This was the album that my mother used to hide from me when I was a child, because I played it all the time.


Mike07 said...

I have de-clicked and played with the stereo image and added some eq to an old LP rip of this classic album.
If you are interested in listening to my take, I've put it on...

oreja said...

Dear Esther,
Really, really thanks for these fabulous albums of great Frankie Laine.
Albums that I never saw in my life, because they were never released in my country.
That's internet magic! Because of generous people like you and your amazing work!
You make the magic! Sharing memories and joy all over the world!
Thanks again and my best regards from Argentina.

Steve said...

Thank you. I was looking for info on Frankie Laine never imagining I would find his music. Steve

Ben said...

Thanks fo Frankie. My mom used to play his music a few times a week back in the sixties.
I haven't heard the songs in 25 years but I remember the lyrics to all of them.
Ben (Holland)