Wednesday, April 18, 2007

All American Marches (1957)

There is one reason - and one reason only - that I bought this record...the cover! I mean, just look at her! How could anyone resist her? That cute little outfit, those groovy little boots - she's adorable!

I do like marches. They remind me of a simpler time, of going to parades when I was a little girl, of attending concerts at the school cafeteria that doubled as the auditorium. Remember those days? Sigh.

There's really not much information about this record. It doesn't say anywhere who performs on it (although it almost sounds like it was a high school band). And, although the cover says "All American Marches", the label says "Famous American Marches". I'm wondering if maybe this is one of those "library records". Anyway, if these are "famous" American marches, I guess I'm just ignorant because I've only heard a couple of them. The liner notes talk a lot about parades and feelings of patriotism, but my favorite part is the following:
In recent years, many youngsters who have been thrilled by the precision of military music have turned to developing the skills of baton twirling. For those who are in the process of improving these skills, this album is worth its weight in gold. It is an excellent recording for practicing and an equally wonderful record for listening.
I dedicate this post to my friend, Greg Taylor, and hope that it brings fond memories of him twirling a baton in his backyard when he was growing up.

Track listing for All American Marches:

Side 1:
1. De Molay Commandery
2. Stars and Stripes Forever
3. The Rangers
4. The Caissons Go Rolling Along
5. Our Director
6. Blaze Away

Side 2:
1. National Emblem
2. Father of Victory
3. Officer of the Day
4. American Eagle
5. Always Ready
6. March On


Sock MonKey 1 said...

It sounds like an accordion to me.

rob said...

Such a random record! I found this All American Marches LP in my grandfather's collection after he passed away. The record I have matches the track listing on the reverse cover. Interestingly, my cover lacks the track listings yours presents...weird.

Side 1

River Kwai
Semper Fidelis
Spirit of Liberty
Manhattan Beach
El Capitan
On the Mall

Side 2

Stars and Stripes Forever
Lili Marlene
Service Medley
Washington Post March
Them Basses
King Cotton