Wednesday, April 04, 2007

George Shearing - Black Satin (1956)

Today's offering is an album by the George Shearing Quintet and Orchestra. Here's what the liner notes say:
The satin-smooth Shearing sound has never been so expressive of its creator's unique versatility as it is in this album. Augmented by rich instrumental backgrounds, here is an inspiring variety of distinctive moods: the subdued, lyrical rendering of a tender ballad set to an elegant chorus of strings; the easy swinging rhythm of a popular song; the occasional lilt of a Latin tempo. Capturing the lush sophisticated setting that distinguished his highly successful "Velvet Carpet", George Shearing with his own inimitable styling creates appealing music that will set a delightful backdrop for any romance - as suitable for the girl in blue gingham as it is for the lady in luxurious "Black Satin".
I've been a fan of George Shearing's music since I first heard "Lullaby of Birdland" playing on our local Big Band station many years ago. I really like the arrangements and style of this most excellent jazz pianist! I hope you like this album as much as I do. I did my best to clean it up but you'll still hear some clicks and pops, plus the first song on each side skips. Maybe someone out there will post a better copy. I just love the cover - don't you? I also have the "White Satin" album, which I'll post in a few days. So, those of you who want to burn this to CD - wait until I post "White Satin" so that you can burn both albums on one CD.

Track listing for The George Shearing Quintet and Orchestra - Black Satin:

Side 1:
1. The Folks Who Live On the Hill - (skips)
2. If I Should Lose You
3. Starlight Souvenirs
4. What is There to Say
5. Black Satin

Side 2:
1. You Don't Know What Love Is - (skips)
2. Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You
3. One Morning in May
4. Moon Song
5. Medley: As Long as I Live - Let's Live Again


melnar said...

Hi Esther,

Like you, I love Shearing. I have a lot of his stuff. This one I didn't have – I don’t think anyone else in the music-sharing community has it, if I’m not mistaken it hasn’t been posted before, and I thank you for posting it. The skips are minor, no big deal.

I'm looking forward to White Satin.

BTW I’m having passport problems so my nic may incorrectly appear here.
Have a Happy Easter!

- mel

Esther said...

Hi, Mel!

Glad I was able to add one to your collection! Enjoy both Black and White Satin!

Thanks for visiting!

Traitor Vic said...


Great stuff! I love your blog and everything about it.

I have recently come into possesion of a wonderfully clean copy of this album as well as another of Shearing's "Satin" albums (not to mention the Velvet ones) called Satin Affair. As I am not currently posting my links to the general public I would like to share a copy of this record with you so that you might enjoy it and share it as you wish. I could also suppy Non-Skipping copies of "The Folks Who Live on the Hill" and "You Don't Know What Love Is" if you'd like.

Shoot me an email ( if you'd be interested.

Thanks a bunch!


Lovely to see Shearing up on your great blog. He's nearly 90 now so this hel;ps keep his music going. many thanks.