Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frankie Carle - The Golden Touch (1960)

Well, this album really brought back memories for me. This is one of the albums that my mom played a lot when I was growing up. I'd forgotten about it until I started going through my albums to see which one to post tonight. As soon as the first song started playing, I was taken back in time to my living room in my childhood home (which I still own, but it's been remodeled so it doesn't look the same). Once again, I was a little girl playing with my Barbies or coloring in one of my coloring books, while my mother listened to this record. I even remember that I would always ask her which one of the serenades (Sunrise or Penthouse) was which - I always got them mixed up. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well this album sounded - very little clicks and pops considering that my mom played it a lot. She even marked the back cover - there are plus (+) signs by "Deep Purple" and "Diane", a note by "Diane" that says "from Seventh Heaven" (a movie), and two check marks by "Falling Leaves" (I guess she really liked it). So, it was kinda neat to listen to this, and to see my mom's scribbles on the back cover. I hope you like this album as much as I - the songs are great and it's wonderful piano music to listen to!

Track listing for Frankie Carle - The Golden Touch:

Side 1:
1. Roses in the Rain
2. Deep Purple
3. Diane
4. Falling Leaves
5. Missouri Waltz
6. The Golden Touch (of Love)

Side 2:
1. Sweet and Lovely
2. Sunrise Serenade
3. A Lover's Lullaby
4. Penthouse Serenade
5. If You Were the Only Girl
6. Rumors Are Flying


The Photo Hacker said...

Love these old records. They bring back wonderful memories of records that I or my parents used to own.
Keep it up!

Esther said...

Hi, Photo Hacker,

Glad you like my records! And I'm glad I can share them with you. Thanks for visiting!


polmartin14 said...

Thank you for sharing your records!
I love the good & old music...
Thanks again dear Esther...!