Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Compilation Vol.2 (2008)

Happy Summer! I know it doesn't officially start until Friday, but I wanted to make sure that you start off your summer right with this new compilation I put together. I actually meant to post it last year (my first summer compilation was in 2006), but for some reason (that I don't know or remember), I didn't. So, I dusted it off, made some changes, and am now presenting it for your listening pleasure!

Summer is my very favorite time of the year. I have great memories of it from my childhood, and I love the hot weather. I know lots of people can't stand the heat, but it doesn't bother me at all. I remember as a little kid, we used to be just fine with fans in the house. My house didn't have central air, and it wasn't until we'd lived there a few years when my parents finally bought a couple of window units. Of course, those were also the days when it was perfectly safe to sleep with your windows open and leave your front doors unlocked. Those were also the days when it was perfectly safe for a little kid to walk (or ride a bike) alone down to the neighborhood candy store. We really had it made in those days, didn't we?

Anyway, I hope you like the songs I selected for this compilation. To download the first one I made, just click on the "summer" label and it'll bring it up. The link is still good.

Track listing for Summer Compilation Vol.2:

1. Summer Days - The Partridge Family
2. Can't Wait for Summer - Steve Lawrence
3. The Things We Did Last Summer - Jo Stafford
4. All Summer Long - The Beach Boys
5. Hot Summer Night - Les Baxter
6. Lazy Summer Night - Claudine Longet
7. The Green Leaves of Summer - The Brothers Four
8. Summer (The First Time) - Bobby Goldsboro
9. Summer Samba - Astrud Gilberto
10. The Door Into Summer - The Monkees
11. Summertime Dream - Gordon Lightfoot
12. Summertime - Sarah Vaughn
13. Groovy Summertime - The Love Generation
14. Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard
15. In the Good Old Summertime - Connie Francis
16. She's My Summer Girl - Jan and Dean
17. Summer Rain - Johnny Rivers
18. Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra
19. Theme from 'A Summer Place' - The Lettermen
20. Summer Wind - Wayne Newton
21. Lost Summer Love - Shelley Fabares
22. Summer Means Fun - Bruce and Terry
23. Summer Love - Neil Diamond
24. Summertime Blues - Olivia Newton-John
25. Summer Means New Love - The Beach Boys
26. Summer Kisses Winter Tears - Elvis Presley
27. Summer is Over - Dusty Springfield


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vo5vo said...

Thanks for your summer favorites. Vince

Esther said...

Hi, Rick!
Thanks for adding me to your mp3blog list! I'll be adding a link to your blog on my site as well!
Thanks for visiting!


Esther said...

Hi, Vince!
Glad you liked the tunes!