Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Three Suns - On a Magic Carpet (1960)

Been abroad lately? Well, here's your chance to fly now and be enchanted forever. You'll be traveling first class all the way, on a magic carpet borne aloft by the artistry of the inimitable Three Suns.
So begin the liner notes on the back of this album. This is a great album! I can't believe I had never heard it before until I bought it (once again, from the bargain bin at HPB)! I had a few songs by the Three Suns, but this is the first album of theirs that I've bought. And, as usual, it was the cover that caught my eye - it's pretty crazy, and I love the girl's hairdo! And, the album is great - full of familiar songs! So, get on your magic carpet and give it a listen!

Track listing for The Three Suns - On a Magic Carpet:

Side 1:
1. Canadian Sunset
2. Lisbon Antigua
3. Terry Theme
4. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
5. Moritat
6. The Poor People of Paris (Jean's Song)

Side 2:
1. Blue Tango
2. Meet Mr. Callaghan
3. The Song from Moulin Rouge (Where is Your Heart)
4. Ruby
5. The 3rd Man Theme
6. Fleur de Paree


cornellcrawford said...

Fantastic! Thank you!

Innerurban said...

great site you have created.

Esther said...

Thanks for all your great comments, and for visiting!

MTS said...

I inherited this LP from my grandparents and I gotta say, it's a personal fave. Thanks for digitizing!