Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Original Music from Dark Shadows (1969)

I thought I'd do a little change of pace today and post one of my soundtracks. I know that Halloween is still a little over a month away, but I thought I'd start getting in the mood by posting "The Original Music From ABC-TV's Dark Shadows". This is the first album of music from the show (I think there were four, because I also have number 4), from 1969. This album originally came with a poster of Barnabas and Quentin, but I bought this at an estate sale, and unfortunately, the poster was long gone - probably hung in some 1960's teen-age girl's room until she moved on to other faves.

The show started in 1966 and it was my absolute favorite TV show when I was a little girl. I became a horror movie/show fan at the tender age of 4, when I saw "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" on TV, so when "Dark Shadows" came on the air, I was ecstatic. All my friends liked the show - we would even play "Dark Shadows" during recess at school (this was first through third grades). I had the honor of being "Barnabas" - it was all girls (it was a co-ed school, but at that age, we didn't play with boys) so we played both the male and female parts. Oh - the reason I got to be "Barnabas" was because I had the pointiest teeth (the cuspids or bi-cuspids - I don't know which). Problem was that the girl who was "Josette" was much taller than I was (I was one of the "pee wees" of the class), so it was a little difficult to bite her neck (I really got into character). I also sometimes would be "Quentin" - don't remember what qualified me for that role...maybe my wild hair. But, hey - I got to be the main characters - pretty good!

I have many memories of the show and the two movies (of course, I went and saw them at the theatre when they came out!), and I have many favorite characters (my mother was even impressed because Joan Bennett was in the show). Besides Barnabas and Quentin, my favorite was Angelique. What a beautiful woman - and so evil! I also liked the werewolf a lot (can't remember who that was). Note to self: I really need to buy the DVD collection.

Anyway, I can go on and on about this show, but I'll stop (for now), and let you download the album. It'll be great to play as background music for your Halloween party! BTW, the two "Blue Whale" tunes are pretty groovy and you can dance to them!

Track listing for The Original Music from Dark Shadows:

Side 1:
1. Opening Themes: 1. Dark Shadows 2. Collinwood
2. I'll Be With You, Always - Narration by Jonathan Frid
3. Josette's Theme
4. A Darkness at Collinwood
5. Meditations - Narration by Jonathan Frid
6. Night of the Pentagram
7. When I Am Dead - Narration by Jonathan Frid
8. No. 1 at the Blue Whale

Side 2:
1. Shadows of the Night (Quentin's Theme) - Narration by David Selby
2. The Secret Room
3. Epitaph - Narration by Jonathan Frid
4. Seance
5. I, Barnabas - Narration by Jonathan Frid
6. Back at the Blue Whale
7. The Old House
8. 1. Epilogue 2. Dark Shadows

And, just to remind you of the opening sequence, here's the color one used from 1967 to 1971:


litlgrey said...

You have done well.


You have done very well.

Of course the real thing is, well, wait until the next 800 showings of "Who is Polly Magoo?" on Sundance, and there goes creepy weird Dr. What's-her-name, speaking in French, and oddly, not fumbling all over her lines like she always did on "DS."

Esther said...

Thanks, litlgrey!

Chris said...

'The Brain That Wouldn't Die' was one of my big initiations into schlock cinema, too. I seldom watched 'Dark Shadows', but I've always been well behind the curve. [Never seen 'Star Trek' either.]

And it's nice to see that Litlgrey is as loquacious as ever. :-)

Cheers for all of your nifty posts, esther.