Wednesday, November 19, 2008

101 Strings - Plays Hit Songs for Girls (1967)

101 Strings was another of my mom's favorites, but this is not one of her albums. I bought this one from my favorite place - the bargain bin at HPB. And, once again, it was the cover that caught my eye. For some reason, the girls at either end remind me of Sharon Tate and Barbara Parkins in "Valley of the Dolls" (one of my favorite movies). Anyway, I don't think that there's anyone who hasn't heard of 101 Strings. The easy-listening orchestra put out tons of albums and covered just about everything you can think of. Well, this is a pleasing album with some familiar tunes. Go get it now!

Track listing for 101 Strings - Plays Hit Songs for Girls:

Side 1:
1. Music to Watch Girls By
2. Gigi
3. Avalita
4. Marie
5. Always a Lady

Side 2:
1. Georgy Girl
2. Mame
3. Flirt
4. Fifi
5. Adios Mariquita Linda


Luis said...

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Esther said...

Hi, Luis,

I just tried it and the link works. Try it again - Megaupload may have been doing maintenance or something.

Thanks for visiting!

casamaravilla said...

I love your blog, Esther. Great selections of music, but what I like most are your write-ups. They're personal, enthusiastic, and even informative.

Hope your guitar playing's going well and you're still obsessing over...well, something!



Esther said...

Hi, Charles!

I'm glad you like my write-ups! And I think I'm going to start guitar lessons again soon. Wish me luck!


Lacey said...

I love 101 Strings. All their albums are full of great melodies. The only ones I don't like are the ones with vocals. I get them for the strings not the cords.

Keep up the good work.

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