Sunday, November 16, 2008

Henry Mancini - Mancini Plays the Theme from Love Story (1970)

Here's another album that belonged to my mother, and I do remember her playing this one quite a bit. I remember that she never liked the theme from "M*A*S*H" and would always skip over that song (I'm indifferent to that song - neither like nor dislike it). Anyway, thanks to my mother's influence, I am a fan of Mancini (who isn't?). Interesting album cover, too. (This is actually an image I found on the internet - my mother had written all over the album cover so I didn't want to use it.)

Track listing for Henry Mancini - Mancini Plays the Theme from Love Story:

Side 1:
1. Theme from "Love Story"
2. Song from "M*A*S*H"
3. Theme from "The Night Visitor"
4. Theme from "The Hawaiians"
5. Tomorrow is My Friend
6. The Harmonica Man

Side 2:
1. Whistling Away the Dark
2. Theme from "Borsalino"
3. Theme for Three
4. Loss of Love
5. Thank You Very Much


Vinyl Room said...


Please add me to your list of links please.


Θράσος said...

Ok my comment is irrelevant!!!
You have a beautiful blog here and its a big help for me here in Greece-Europe.
I liked very much the albums of George Maharis, will you also post the last one 'Where do you go for a broken hearted?'
Keep going

Esther said...

Hi, VR!
I added you to my links!

Esther said...

Hello, friend from Greece!
Thanks so much for your kind comments! I'm glad you liked the George Maharis albums I posted. Those are the only two I have, but if I ever come across the one you asked for, I'll be sure to post it!