Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jack Jones - The Best of Jack Jones (1977)

Today's sharity is a greatest hits album by Jack Jones, one of my favorite singers. This was a "special priced 2-record set" released by MCA Records in 1977, although the songs were all recorded in the 1960s. What can I say about this album? I love every one of the songs, and Jack's smooth voice is absolutely dreamy! If I had to pick out just one as my favorite, it would have to be a tie between "Lollipops and Roses" (recorded on a very special day for me) and "Wives and Lovers" (I don't care if some people say it is sexist - I love it!). But this entire album is wonderful and a must have! Unfortunately, this is before Jack recorded the theme song for "The Love Boat", which I think needs to be included in a "best of" album. Enjoy this double album!

Track listing for Jack Jones - The Best of Jack Jones:

Side 1:
1. The Mood I'm In (recorded 12/17/63)
2. The Shadow Of Your Smile (recorded 4/1/66)
3. What Now My Love (recorded 4/18/66)
4. A Day In The Life Of A Fool (recorded 8/26/66)
5. I Will Wait For You (recorded 4/18/66)
6. Lollipops and Roses (recorded 8/21/61)

Side 2:
1. Call Me Irresponsible (recorded 2/5/63)
2. Yesterday (recorded 11/1/65)
3. Brother, Where Are You (recorded 12/2/66)
4. Dear Heart (recorded 4/10/65)
5. Lady (recorded 12/7/66)
6. People (recorded 7/8/64)

Side 3:
1. Wives and Lovers (recorded 8/13/63)
2. Strangers In The Night (recorded 4/4/66)
3. My Best Girl (recorded 4/4/66)
4. Alfie (recorded 4/1/66)
5. Our Song (recorded 7/19/67)

Side 4:
1. The Impossible Dream (recorded 4/4/66)
2. Somewhere, My Love (recorded 9/8/66)
3. Michelle (recorded 4/3/67)
4. After Today (recorded 4/3/67)
5. If You Go Away (recorded 1/5/67)

Here's a video clip of Jack singing "Lollipops and Roses" on the Judy Garland show - how dreamy!


vo5vo said...

Hi Esther,
I hope you Thanksgiving was great!
This is an excellent Jack Jones album. I enjoyed it very much. Vince

Esther said...

Hi, Vince!

Glad you liked it! Isn't Jack absolutely dreamy? The video gets my heart a-flutter.


Matt said...

Excellent share!

Thank you ;-)

Rootkick said...

Don't tell anyone, but I too love Jack Jones - I think his best years were in the 60's.

This is missing alot of essential songs by him:
A Lot Of Livin
She Loves Me
I Cant Believe Im Losing You
Live For Life
Girl Talk
The Race Is On
Once Upon A Time
I'll Get By
Toys In The Attic
You Better Go Now
Fly Me To The Moon

Devata said...

5. I Will Wait For You (recorded 4/18/66) - Thank You Thank You Thank You )))


It's a nice discovery that he sang the song "Our song" originally an italian song - "La Musica รจ Finita" by the great Italian diva Ornella Vanoni and also recorded by Robert Plant in 1967.

Jon said...

the mega upload link is not working... do you any other download links?

Esther said...

Hi, Jon,

I just tried the link and was able to get it successfully. Keep trying. Sometimes Megaupload is doing maintenance or files are "temporarily unavailable". That's the only link I have.

Thanks for visiting!